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Im asking a question bout the colour of your suits here. Do you think that the suits are getting a bit freaky nowdays. I myself still use my first suit which is black. But Ive noticed that a lot of my TKD freinds have one white suit for tournys, one clan suit etc. My BJJ and JJ freinds suits are currently Black and Yellow or Red and Blue! Im not opposed to the full coloured ones that are JUST red etc. I do find it a bit disturbing when the twins in my class come in one wearing a blue suit and the other using a blue one (I dont think they have gotten over the Ryu and Ken Stage yet). Im am however opposed to coming into the Dojo looking like a Bumble Bee. what bout you guys?
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Well at our school... we wear the basic white Dobok (uniform)
then I believe that at 1st-2nd dan, you can wear the white uniform with the black trim around the collar and at 3rd dan, you get a black uniform with white stitching, 4th black with gold stitching,
BUT hey even for Hapkido, it could vary from school to school.. ive heard that some hapikdo students have black pants.. (that would be cool) but ya.. i must agree.. bumble bee uniforms would be a bit funky looking...:D
Usually I wear Thai shorts at my training place, but we do have Gi's. The kids are all blue with yellow logo, the adults the same. For asst. instructors, it's a red top with black pants (I don't know why). The head instructor wears a black gi when not in Thai shorts.

When I studied Karate, the head instructor had a bunch of different color Gi's, and only the students above orange or green (I can't remember) could have red/blue Gi's. White was fine, and required below that, and only black belts could have black.
i think for tournaments and demos the "modern" look would be okay, although i prefer the traditional dobak.

during class i feel that the students should look how they are expected to look. if you belong to a school that lets you dress however you want to, then that is up to the teacher. but for me it would be white traditional korean dobak.
Same here, Shinzu. I do TKD, and I like/wear the basic white TKD uniform. In my dojang, it's required anyways. The black belts wear the white with black trim, and the instructors wear white pants with a black stripe down the pant legs, and a black top. The demo team or what ever you call it, wears white and red uniforms.
If I show up with clothes on at all then you can count yourself lucky.
we all wear a sleeveless british flag t-shirt, a fuzzy pink tutu,with lime green stockings and black,shiny combat boots (spitshined, or we get one of our nails chipped.)...........
I stick to the orthodox traditional ones... White, black, no special designs like multicolored stripes and such.
Originally posted by GouRonin

If I show up with clothes on at all then you can count yourself lucky.

:eek: :rofl:
Originally posted by Richard S.

we all wear a sleeveless british flag t-shirt, a fuzzy pink tutu,with lime green stockings and black,shiny combat boots (spitshined, or we get one of our nails chipped.)...........

:eek: :eek: :rofl: You guys have some interesting habits.:rofl:

In my dojo, everyone wears a white gi (although many of them are turning a delicate, faded "offwhite" color after a couple of years) and a few of us wear hakamas too.

Robyn :yinyang:
Well, here's the breakdown at my school. When you start out, it's white shirt, white pants only. When you get to red belt, you can wear the shirt with the black trim collar. High red, you get to wear the black pants with it. If you wear the black pants, you have to have the black collar. When you get to black belt, you have the option to participating in our school's demonstration team. When that happens, you get to wear a dark blue uniform. You can mix it up, like blue top with the black pants, but not blue pants with a white top. That would look stupid, anyways.

The instructor usually wears a solid black dobok, but my instructor has worn white on occasion. Assistant instructors have the option of purchasing a red uniform, but from what i've seen, the prefer to stick to the blue shirt, black pants.

Sometimes, for a laugh, I'll look at the team uniforms offered by century. God, those things look like somebody drank a bunch of paint, and puked it onto a gi. Hehe.

Our uniform is white gi with the association badge on the right arm. No other adornments at all, not even brand labels on the belt. Instructors at 1st Kyu and 1st Dan wear hakama in addition to the gi. 2nd and 3rd Dan grades wear slightly different uniforms to distinguish them from the 1sts....
in my old school when you became a black belt you could wear a blue top. 2nd degree a red top, 3rd degree a black top, and 4th degree black top and bottom.

during testing you were required to wear the traditional white dobak.

where i am now, we wear the white dobak except for black belt club members. they are alowed to wear the full black. i sometimes switch colored tops when i teach to break the norm :)
Holy moly some of those schools have some complicated uniform sets per belt level wow. In ITF TKD everyone worldwide wears the exact same white dobok. Black belts have black trim on the bottom of the top and 4th degrees and up have a black stripe running down the leg and arms.

Damian Mavis
Honour TKD
Yea, are these sets required at your school or are they optional. In my school we only wear the traditional y-jacket dobok, our master is very strict in that regard. White with black trimming,,,or all white for colored belt ranks.
In demos or shows I would not have a problem with flashy doboks/costumes, as long as it`s done in good taste (I know, to each his own...), but for training in the dojang, I think the whole idea of wearing a uniform is kind of lost if it`s all bumblebees and rainbow coalitions,,:D

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