What is the marketing budget of different martial arts schools?

Sharon Bennett

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Feb 1, 2020
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I'm a social media marketer and videographer, and I just recently opened a business in my city. (I had a business in another state that was getting off the ground, but I had to move for personal reasons).

I am thinking about selecting martial arts schools as my target market, since I am very passionate about martial arts and I know it's really changed my life in a positive way. I'd love to help advertise schools because I feel like martial arts can be life changing.

My only concern is that I know a lot of martial arts schools struggle. I know that it's not uncommon for martial arts school/dojo owners to not make a living off of it. Those that do, often don't make much...

So I am wondering, what is the marketing budget and the revenue of an average martial arts school? Also what is the marketing budget and revenue of a martial arts school that is doing really well?

Any help with this would be appreciated.


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Jul 16, 2012
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I don't know what's "average", since martial arts schools range from small non-profit clubs that meet in a church basement all the way to wildly successful 1000-member commercial schools.

Small clubs probably have effectively no marketing budget. The club-type programs I'm familiar with have, like, a Facebook page, and maybe they hand out flyers or do some demonstrations at community events. Their revenue is probably just enough to pay to rent their space.

Part-time commercial schools probably have a 5-figure revenue, and are likely spending most of it on rent and paying the instructor a part-time job wage. They probably have a simple website, have invested in having a logo professionally done, had a sign made up, and maybe do a Groupon and boost some posts on Facebook.

A full-time but small commercial school probably has about 1.5-3 staff members, and is making a gross revenue in the low-to-mid six-figures. They probably have a somewhat nicer website, and are likely spending some money on Facebook/Google/IG ads, which they've linked up to landing pages to get people to sign up for a trial or more info. They've got processes worked out better. They've probably got a decent camera and take some photos and videos of the school to promote it online, but mostly do that in-house.

There are levels beyond that, up to the really big chains and single-location schools with 1,000 members and whatnot.

For what it's worth, the school I manage is in the last group that I actually described. I can't tell you much about the next levels because we haven't gotten there yet lol.

But for small schools, you're probably looking at something like $200-500/month marketing budget. Just to give you a rough figure.


Nov 14, 2013
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I could be mistaken, because I'm not in charge of any of the finances of the school, but I don't think we market. When my Master opened the school (well before my time) a lot of students followed him over, and ever since then it's been a combination of word-of-mouth and people googling "Martial Arts schools near me."