1. J. Pickard


    Just wondering what type of flooring/mats people use and for what type of training. I currently used carpet bonded foam (same as what is used for gymnastics floor routines) for our school but its nearly 30 years old an Im looking to upgrade. We train a fusion of old school TKD, karate, and...
  2. E

    Unsure of the art taught at my dojo

    I've been practicing at this dojo for sometime over half a year now, but I'm still not sure what art is being taught. I know it is either karate or taekwondo, especially since I have heard those two terms being used in the dojo. We do practice many kicking techniques including spin kicks and...
  3. S

    What is the marketing budget of different martial arts schools?

    I'm a social media marketer and videographer, and I just recently opened a business in my city. (I had a business in another state that was getting off the ground, but I had to move for personal reasons). I am thinking about selecting martial arts schools as my target market, since I am very...
  4. Christopher Adamchek

    Basement Dojo

    Thought id share my basement dojo after seeing @ST1Doppelganger post.
  5. N

    New Training Group in DFW Area

    Hello everyone! After several years of my teacher recommending that I do so, I have finally come to a place where I am ready to open a dj, which I have named the Hachidori Dj. For me, the hummingbird is a representation of endurance, precision, and maneuverability. It is for this reason -...
  6. memory1179

    WTF Kukkiwon Dan holder to ATA Dojang?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I am thinking of restarting Taekwondo and I would like to ask some questions and gain some advice from you. I have a Kukkiwon Dan certificate from South Korea. I was trained before during my youth in a WTF Dojang (Dojo) and during my military service there as my unit...
  7. O

    Building your ideal martial arts training grounds

    If you were able to get hold of 5,500 ft2 of open space right in your backyard. What would you build/install to make your ideal training grounds for the martial art that you practice? The terrain is in the open, flat, and has nothing but dirt, just one big square of space. Your budget is tight...
  8. M

    Boxing or Muay Thai

    Hello I'm a middle schooler trying to figure out which martial arts to learn (and also I could learn more efficiently during winter break that just began). I have a boxing area that is really close to me, and isn't much of a problem walking to. However I've heard that Muay thai could be a better...
  9. E

    I might visit Hombu Dojo in december, need information.

    Hello, I am currently 3rd kyu and living in S. Korea as an exchange student. In december between the 17 and 27 I might be able to travel to Japan and visit Hombu Dojo. I'd love to be able to train there once or twice, however I don't know anything about the process. Is it possible for...