1. J. Pickard

    Class schedules

    Just curious to know how others run their class schedule. Im always looking for ways to improve. Our school runs 6 days a week. Beginners Monday and Tuesday, intermediate and advanced colored belts Wednesday and Thursday. Black belt Friday and Saturday. Black belts are also allowed to attend...
  2. S

    What is the marketing budget of different martial arts schools?

    I'm a social media marketer and videographer, and I just recently opened a business in my city. (I had a business in another state that was getting off the ground, but I had to move for personal reasons). I am thinking about selecting martial arts schools as my target market, since I am very...
  3. J

    Selling my Dojang - any tips welcomed

    Hello everyone, I'm thinking to sell my Taekwondo school in Chicagoland area or even partner up with someone. Any tips where to post? I cant just start advertising it on Facebook, I don't want to loose any students. Any ideas or experiences are welcome! Thank you!
  4. Ivan

    Anybody heard of the WRSA board for Tae Kwon Do?

    I started TKD like 6 months ago and getting my yellow belt was way too easy. I know this is a McDojo so I'm gonna leave even though I know my trainer is legit as her technique is perfect, but her school is based on money, money and more money. Only 2 of the black belts deserve their title, and...
  5. O

    Building your ideal martial arts training grounds

    If you were able to get hold of 5,500 ft2 of open space right in your backyard. What would you build/install to make your ideal training grounds for the martial art that you practice? The terrain is in the open, flat, and has nothing but dirt, just one big square of space. Your budget is tight...
  6. Superperson

    Red Flag for School?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and I have a question. I'm currently taking Hapkido with a little Taekwondo mixed in. (My school has you learn both if you take Hapkido.) I'm very new to this style and new to my current school. I want to start by saying I think my teacher is great, or he seems to be...
  7. Douwe Geluk

    Tai Chi Apeldoorn

    Tai Chi school Apeldoorn In Holland a.k.a. the Netherlands (europe) i have my school for Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Qong and Kungfu. I am Douwe Geluk from Apeldoorn, nice to meet you. My surname is Geluk in Dutch: which means happy, Lucky so my school name is: Tai Chi Apeldoorn Source of Happiness...
  8. Yuen Kay Jun

    Naming your Commercial School?

    Hello, I am considering reopening my commercial kwoon after many years, to spawn off of my private teaching. i wanted to ask my fellow brethren about naming my school, how to name it and what to consider. I teach Wing Chun and will be opening in the Savannah, GA area. There is already one...
  9. Michael Robinson

    self defense in public schools

    Do your guys belive in self defense in public schools if you fight back in school You might get iss - in school suspension or oss - out of school suspension or expelled from school because I self defense my self in school when i was in 8th grade but now i am in 10th grade i got introuble and...
  10. R

    Requirements for becoming school/branch instructor.

    Different schools and organizations have different requirements for earning the responsibility of teaching and running a class. In my school an instructor has to have a minimum rank of 1st Dan to be an instructor. Typically after getting your black belt you would have been helping out in class...