Uniform Preferences Continued...



GREAT TOPIC, GOU! You da man.

I have a variety of gi's I wear like the rest of my clothing- whatever strikes my mood at the time. I love the KI brand, and most of my traditional gi's are their heavy or middle weight version. I most often wear a traditional top in black or red with black kung fu style pants (I like the elastic ankle cuffs- they stay outta the way).

I also have a hapkido gi top (criss-cross grid pattern woven in) and a traditional old-style Moo Duk Kwan gi- white with the black borders and cuffs (which are hard to find now). The old Moo Duk Kwan gi's look great- I don't know why they switched over to those pullover V-neck things, I just hate those (they look cheap)

I even occasionally wear a southern-style Kung Fu Uniform (with my Kenpo patch sewed on)- it fits great and looks awesome.

I'm very glad I practice an art that allows me to wear what I like- though at tourneys I usually wear my traditional Kenpo black gi with all the Kenpo patches.


I have aquired a few in my travels and just wear whatever really. When I work with my teacher we just wear sweats.


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Sep 1, 2001
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I only use the one KI heavyweight gi (brushed canvas, so nice). I've found KI medium gis to be thicker than Century heavyweight gis. I like the extra weight and slight resistance. I also think it makes me work harder to 'pop' the gi. Also, they tend to last a long time, so I don't really need an extra gi lying around because it'll take something drastic (like getting run over by a tractor) for the KI gi to get torn.

When I'm training with the FCS guys, I use sweatpants or my gi pants, and a t-shirt. They have some nice FCS t-shirts, but I guess I don't rate one yet :) I just use my gi pants mostly because, hey, that's what I bought the dang things for!




My original BB was from Dragon Supply: http://www.juka.com/belts.htm. I highly recommend these belts. Of course I got mine 10 years ago so maybe they've changed. I didn't replace it with another (see below) because their sizing is limited and I am in-between their sizes.

My bb was already small when I got it, and I was 17, so it doesn't fit anymore. Just got a Tokaido Satin. The satin makes me a bit of a poseur :shrug: but I like that its slim and I could try it on at the store. The regular (non-satin) Tokaido is not worth the price imho. If you want non-satin black you can do better.


Oh yes! The Dragon Brand belt is my favorite, too. They are the only ones I will buy. They are thick, tight, and extremely well woven. Those cruddy ones Century sells with the "hotknife" trimmed ends are OK for lower rank belts, but not BLACK!

This is the first time I have ever discussed my preference of belt manufacturer, thank you for spurring my consciousness!!

Dragon Brand rules! Some of my colleagues have KI brand belts, and look just as good as the Dragon, but I haven't ever bought one. :asian: