The Paper Tigers


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Jul 9, 2008
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Covington, WA
Looks like fun.

It was meh. Definitely plays to a lot of CMA stereotypes. The idea of a kung fu master who is a humble cook during the day and teaches a small group of disciples in his garage at night. The kids do wacky stance training on paint cans while the Sifu smokes cigarettes off in the corner. The kids challenge all comers in what seems to be a kind of honorable version of dojo storming. He ends up literally branding the disciple who will carry on that lineage.

They even get into some pseudo-mystical, last dragon kind of stuff. Like a sort of dim mak kind of thing, and pressure points that miraculously heal people...

The jokes may be more fresh to non-martial artists, but to anyone involved in MA over the last 20 years, it's pretty cliched.

It's okay to watch once, but I recommend waiting until it comes onto Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Brian King

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Mar 17, 2003
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Bellevue, Washington USA
Small group of locals involved with the making of the film. Good guys and good martial artists. Go ahead and support the film.
It is on Netflix now and very high on the lists. A lot of folks worked hard on this and I am very happy for them. I enjoyed the movie with many LOL moments.

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