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  • I have not heard or seen that much from you in a while. I do hope you are in a good place, and life is kind to you. Have a great day. Everyone needs one of these from time to time........:)

    The new format will take a bit to get used to, I can't seems to find the rest of the smileys beyond what is there when click on the icon. Help ... me e-mail is [email protected], thanks.
    Change is bad...very very bad.....especially when you are a stubborn nasty old geezer that is stuck in your ways like I am :D
    Glad to see you are still around.
    As for me this site change is really annoying and I may need to leave just to give my eyes a break

    other than that all is fine with me, how are things with you?
    We're an American band, We're an American band. We're coming to your town, we'll pull your panties down. We're an American band. :)
    Oh hey! Neat. I technically live in Dekalb now, but most of my mail goes back to my parent's house in sycamore. What brought you here?
    Pam, I do believe I am going to take a bit of a break from MT for the holidays so Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year to you and I hope all goes great in 2011
    Good to hear your doing ok. I'm doing fine, the knee is finally getting to a point where I can train close to how I like.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving
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