Street Fights


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Aug 28, 2018
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Cabrini Green were some gnarly projects back in the day. I would ride my bicycle past them on the way to work. One sunny spring Sunday morning I was curious about what was in there, quick in and out, how bad can it be so early on such a beautiful day? So as I'm riding through looking for a way out I wasn't finding an exit and was getting deeper and deeper into the projects, was starting to get nervous about being lost, not looking where I was going someone stepped out from between cars and I ran him over with my bicycle. We stood up and I noticed how well he was dressed with gold chains and all, then there were about a dozen of them, they were gangsters for sure. They started to chant " FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT." I was so scared, first I thought he was going to punch me, he didn't, oh no now I think he's going to stab me, no knife OMG he's going to shoot me, nope no gun either. So I gave him a big apology, got back on my bike and split. I think the only thing that saved me was the look of total fear on my face.


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Aug 14, 2013
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Why are you coaching at just two years in, when you are having issues with dealing with newcomers? But the answer isn't doesn't prove anything, you're risking serious medical issues if you lose (or even if you win), and legal issues if you win (or even if you lose). Plus, you could be an awesome boxer or MT-ist, but what if the person you pick a fight with has a knife or gun on them? You're 17, not worth having permanent medical or legal issues (or death) for decades just because you have issues with newcomers.

What are you expecting to gain from it?
The idea is to be able to take care of yourself if you ever are attacked on the street, or anywhere else for that matter. Martial arts should be like insurance, you hope to not have to use it but if you do you're sure glad you've got it.