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Jan 16, 2002
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Hey Everybody,

After a year and a half layoff I going to start training again. I had been training for 15 years before that.

I'm going to start with a friend and up to this point I have not started to stretch again or do simple conditioning exercises.

My goal at this point is to completly review the system up to where I was at before and along the way pickup the conditioning from form work, self defense's, etc.

I have a good idea of where to start but...

What you would work on first?

Basics. Always basics. When they feel sharp and strong again, move forward from there.
Originally posted by Robbo
Hey Everybody,

After a year and a half layoff I going to start training again. I had been training for 15 years before that.


Just go through all the material you had, reviewing first the material for yellow belt and from there up.

Well, at least that's what I did when I was in your case.
Welcome back Robbo. Conditioning should be your priority, however, just because you're not in good shape right now, don't think that you have to wait until you are in good shape to jump into training. My reasoning is that if you're in good shape, you'll be less prone to injury and your techniques will have more pop (speed and power).

Also, you can have a ton of mental toughness and be a walking encyclopedia of techniques, but if your body cannot answer the call, it doesn't mean a thing.

I highly recommend Scrapper's workout routines.

You can print them out for FREE at

All the best to you and your training Robbo.

If I miss a week I feel weird so I hope you do fine when you start again. Just make sure you are completly ready before doing anything too advanced. :asian:
What exactly are you starting again by the way? :confused:

I am studying a offshoot of American Kenpo. The aim of the system was to condense the number of techniques required by applying the required principles into as few techniques as possible (there is only one tech against a right punch, one tech for a front kick, one tech for a round kick, etc.). And also to add categories such as forms specifically for tournament play and groundwork.

Yup, I've spoken to a couple of practitioners at my dojang who've stopped training then fired it up again later, and they also usually start with the simple basics and conditioning, then move on to the more difficult components. They're usually sucking wind for the first few weeks back. :(

Also, unless you've been training on your own, the muscles most often used in your MA will need to adapt to the added exertion of your training. For me, the worst part of starting up again would be having to deal with a sore and stiff body the first few days back. :shrug:

Good luck on your renewed training, it'll be hard at first since you've been out of the loop for a while but just hang tough... :asian:
Well, that's it, I've done 1 session now.

I know some of you guys said condition first and maybe I gave you the wrong impression. I'm not starting in a full fledged class, just with a buddy. So last night we reviewed the white belt mat'l and every week we'll add a belt. I do feel somewhat sore today but we warmed up well, did stuff slowly and then did a cool down. Probably the best way to start rather than blasting it (even though I wanted to) and not being able to walk the next day.

Another reason for not conditioning first is time, it's all I can do right now to get the time off for training and since it has some conditioning built right into it that's what I'll focus on for now. As we get to the higher end mat'l then we'll be blasting the lower end stuff and hopefully by that time I'll be somewhat in shape again.

Thanks for the advice,
Yes, that is a good way, building stamina and bettering your shape as you practice and remember the material :)

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