Kenpo and Kung Fu


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Aug 5, 2009
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BTW, you never did answer my question from the previous post.
If that question is the following:

Can't agree with you there at all, unless you are referring to all MA practice being for sport/entertainment/health purposes?
Then my answer is simple:
All martial arts are for health and wellness. If you are attacked an cannot defend yourself, where is your health and wellness?

Furthermore, if you do not enjoy your training, then you won't do it long, therefore it must be entertaining to the long term student at some level, otherwise they wouldn't do it.

Even sport type MAs can prepare you for SD. Boxing, Muay Thai, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Sanda/San Shou, TKD, and sport Karate can all be effective against those who are trying to hurt you.

There is no superior MA. It is all about the practitioner (read mindset) and instructors (read training).