New XBOX game featuring Kenpo!



I just posted this over on Kenponet and thought you guys might be interested too...


The website says that it will be in stores in July. It is called, "Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon."

Here are a few excerpts:
"Based on motion capturing of one of Bruce Lee's last students, choose from Jeet Kune Do, Tai Kune Do, Shaolin Dragon, Crane Tiger, Kick Boxing 1 & 2, and Kenpo."

One of the main characters in the game is named "Oshi." His fighting style is listed as Kenpo. His picture looks like the final bad guy in The Perfect Weapon.

There is a movie trailer there that shows in game scenes wherein Bruce is fighting the Kenpo guy. The bits of fighting are fairly brief, but I think one shows the Kenpo guy dressed in Hawaiian clothes.

I wonder who did the motion captured fighting for the Kenpo guy? This could be a fun title. Anyone here own an Xbox?

There is also another game coming out for PS2, XBox, and GC that will include Kenpo, whether or not it is American or Chinese I'm not sure. The game is Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance by Midway. Personally, my favorite MK is MK II, probably the best in the series. MK: Deadly Alliance will feature a combo system where any of the characters can switch between differenty styles of the martial arts. A character can start a combo or move string in, say, Tai Chi, then finish in Snake Kung Fu or Hung Gar. Should be pretty interestin'. I can't remember which character's specialty is Kenpo, but I will surely try the game out when it is released. hehe.
agree with that. the Bruce Lee game blows the big one...control is terrible and the game moves like pregnant yak.
Sonya is the character in MK that uses Kenpo I am also not sure if it is Chinese or American though.
Has the MK been released yet?
And seeing as how we are on the video game subject. Virtual Fighter 4 kicks some serious butt. As well as Tekken 4.
(its about time MK stepped up to the plate) I saw some previews of the game on the web. It looks pretty good.
MK isn't out yet i don't think...i'd check to see release dates.

me...i like DOA a lot, but my all time favorite will always be the old 2D street fighter games. you ain't touchin' me in street fighter!

good times...good many hours of my life wasted :D
VF4 is an awesome game...especially Kumite mode. My friend witnessed me going to a San Dan in one sitting with my favorite character, Pai. I think she is one of the most versatile fighters in the game, with her reversals for almost anything and her quick hand/foot combos and devestating throws. I also like Jacky, but I usually use Pai. Tekken 4 is okay...I miss the tag. Tekken Tag is more preferable to me than Tekken 4. I like to use Law and Baek as my tag team...hehe. The same friend watched me win a round while the opponent was completely suspended in air and I just kept tagging out to juggle him back in the air...good fun. hehe.

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