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  • Happy Birthday my friend. I do miss you around the boards, I hope all is well. Have a great day. Wes
    Hey I need your help with something very important to me ill be moving to california soon and i wanted to continue doing matial arts there. My martial arts choice is kung Fu the problem is which art of Kung Fu.
    Can you explain the difference between xaiolin kung fu and wudang kung fu?
    Hello my friend :D! Very happy to hear from you and I reciprocate the sentiment most sincerely :). Sadly, as always seems to be the way for my company, the run up to Xmas is always manic so I shall be heading out at 5 in the morning on the day before Christmas Eve on business :(. But I have managed to book a fortnight off after that so all is not gloomy :lol:.
    Hello Mark, I hope a is well with you. Most things are good with me. I have not been on MT for some time. A friend asked me to do a
    blog on his web page so I started and that has generated so discussion. MT became a little stale for me. Training is going fine... I need more time to practice!!! How about you? My email is and I d a bit of a web log at Hope to hear from you soon
    Hey, Mark. I hope all is well with you. It seems we are traveling in different circles (threads) these days. :) Have an awesome day, catch you around. Wes
    As are the wisdom and experience of yours, my friend. I have noted that you have not been 'with us' all that often of late and have been meaning to ask if everything is okay?
    Yes, sadly true, there are minds so entrenched that there is no lever long enough I think. By implication though, when that entrenchment mires them stuck no hand could reach deeply enough to assist them out :) Confucius say :) Ah, I am not on your case my friend, no way :) and but I am annoyed at those who would put you off giving your opinion with the insistance that they "win" the discussion, pffft. Me of course, I am another kettle of fish. My dogma is so perfectly impeccable that no possible argument can ever be sanely made against it ;) Hope your long year has not got the better of you my friend. Wishes for a better next one :) Me: just happy to still be here :) All my wishes, Jenna :)
    Ah, days and days and I am still waiting to see you posting mister *folds arms, taps foot impatiently* :D Ah I am just joking my friend. I hope all is good with you and your guys :) Wishes, Jenna :)
    Oh absolutely. It is easy to overcook a topic - especially when it seems that some of the "chefs" are already hot tempered and come to post all spiced up to win and not to further the discussion. And but I am not ranting (I put my virtual fighting days behind me when I broke teens ;)) Hope you are fighting fit yourself though my clever friend :) Jenna :)
    Thank you Mark :) Ah I am not sure if which of us has been away and but I have missed hearing from you and reading your stuff. More of your posts ASAP plz :) Hope all is good? Jenna :)
    Mark, thanks for stopping by, and commenting on my sons grad picture. He is a great son, and we are very proud of him.
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