IKKA Website "My name is Ed Parker-

The new IKKA website is just a concept of a website. It shows ideas and formulations in the ideal phase. In the real world you may have to modify your website to deal with the situation as it evolves from a 1st person, viewer, and somebody surfing by aspect.

:D :D :D

Oh my god.....

Rob, thanks....now I have to clean the pepsi off my screen. :rofl:

Fellow Kenpoists,

I just wanted to see if anyone knew some info. on the picture of Mr. Parker executing a handsword on a student with a white gi... The picture is used as on of the buttons on the new IKKA Website.

Thank you for your help! Good journey.

Joshua Ryer
UPK Pittsburgh

I have to give hats off to a good website. I think they should simply stick in a little PHP script to filter out users by their user-agent.

if (eregi("lynx", $HTTP_USER_AGENT)) {
exit("Get a better browser.");
} else {
header("Location: http://ikka.us/index.html");

The design is meant to get you to look at the entire site, and to keep you engaged, instead of simply disseminate information. And anyone who insists on using a text-based browser in X when you've got plenty of other options available, such as Mozilla is crazy. 80% of the pages available on the Internet is not intended for the audience who still uses lynx. Want text-based information? Stick to logging into telnet systems.

As for the huge image problem, it's easily fixed by installing a copy of Gallery to maintain a dynamic, searchable image database online, and I've already made that suggestion.

Again, hats off. I applaud those who actually pave the way for new and advanced web design, instead of freezing the current state of creativity and hampering further experimentation by trying to please the crowd that's still stuck in a console-based stoneage.

Rock on.
I have to admit .. the number of popups inhibits my desire to
visit often :(

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