I think I've impressed the MMA Guy - I had some laughs


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Aug 3, 2015
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Yesterday I wanted to test my legs to see how long they would hold out while in a lower stance, so I asked my MMA sparring partner to try to take me down and I wouldn't punch back or attempt to attack. He could set me up with punches if he like it didn't matter with me because I was only testing my leg endurance. So. Here's what happened. The same thing I've been saying would happen lol. He tried to shoot on me but I was too low for him to get under me. He tried to set up the take down with punches but he was too far to get the punches off. To him he had to punch down at an angle which made is punches munch shorter. A quick shuffle back and I was out of range. This went on for a minute and then he gave up and just rushed me. He was able to get within the grappling range but still couldn't get in a good position. I gave it a good struggle for about 10 seconds and my legs were spent. Totally drained and I collapsed. This would have been depressing, but considering that I wasn't attacking or that I don't have the strongest horse stance, I felt that it just meant that there was much room for realistic improvement. Especially since I know that I wouldn't be in that low stance 100% of the time in actual use.

My MMA sparring partner told me that he thought about going for an ankle pick so we gave it a try. I wasn't sure what type of ankle pick so I took a regular stance. He grabbed my ankle and then pressed his collar bone into my shin and I fell. The mechanics of this was that the goal was to press against my shin so that my leg straightens out. So I took a low stance to see if the same thing would happen. it didn't. He put in enough force to where I had to move from a neutral low stance to pressing my shin into his collar bone which at that point I thought it would be better to stop there, because I could feel my shin bone grind into his collar bone. I also tried the Shuai Jiao escape that I had been training and my leg slipped out of that gold with no problem. This type of escape failed when I was in a higher stance but had no problem with it in a lower stance.

I had a good laugh because the only way he could get into range to grapple was to literally run at me like which from my perspective, that's the energy that I want from my opponent so I can turn it on him.. Also while defending his arm position, my arm moved into a position where I felt like I could have easily locked his elbow and taken him down. The reason why I didn't is because demo are controlled and I was afraid that in application that the move would have actually hyperextended his elbow had I snapped down on it. After the leg test he was impressed a the difficulty that he had. Be both had a good laugh when my legs gave out. I really didn't understand before but I now see why the static horse stance is trained with such a priority. The only thing that I would change in terms of the static horse stance is that I would train it in motion as well with short bursts.

Maybe a good training program for the horse stance would be. 5 seconds static, then 1 power shuffle forward as fast as you can, then hold for 5 and 1 burst. Repeat this until legs are about to give out, then rest. This would be beginner training. Once this gets easier then hold for 10 seconds and then 2 power shuffles forward as fast as you can and repeat until legs are about to give out. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to go through this progression even though I've been doing continuous shuffling. I need to train the static part more. The good news is that I know where I need to make the improvements the bad news is now he has a sneak preview. I didn't do any counters on him because I didn't want to give up those moves just yet.

The MMA guy seem to be surprised that I was able to move so quickly in that low stance as well. especially considering that I was doing this in socks lol.

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