Stances and Footwork a little more of my personal training


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Aug 3, 2015
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I thought I would share some more of my training tonight. I was going to film my son doing these drills but his legs gassed out during our kicking drill. It's just bits and pieces of what I work on. It's not me working out. I'm just demonstrating some of the things I do. I have a lot of passion for Jow Ga so I try to stay 99% Jow Ga, so everything you see here is originally in our system, nothing was added except the training method. To my knowledge no other Jow Ga practitioner trains by using these exercises. I make up a lot of my own exercises to fit how I use Jow Ga.
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Jow Ga shuffle step. In Jow Ga we utilize short steps. The idea behind the short step is that I don't want to escape you. I always want to stay in range. The benefit of this is that I don't have to worry about trying to find ways to "enter into physical contact." I want to always be within range to deal pain and have the ability to move inches out of attack range of my and then quickly engage again.

I start off in a high horse stance which I use when I'm not concern about someone trying to take me down and choke me out. Then I get into a low horse stance to show the mobility of a low horse stance. Keep in mind the goal isn't to escape. This drill will increase fighting mobility of the horse stance used in kung fu.

This is Jow Ga stepping form.

00:29 - 1:17 In my training video up top (the first video)
Cutting angles. You have seen me do this before in a past video. All of this is without the hand work and punches that go with it. The movement is efficient as I'm doing this on an injured leg it becomes even more efficient and explosive by pushing off hard. But for the time being I have to stay away from that. I'm already banged up as it is. If you are wondering about my hurt arm. yep it's still messed up.