How much DO YOU TRAIN, and where?



How much DO YOU TRAIN.

I just want to compare training for people on this site.

For me I train at 3 diffrent Gyms.

1.Submission Wrestling
2.Judo Jujitsu and jacket wrestling
3.Western Boxing

Basically If i deside i want to do all in a day this is how it works out, start off at Submission wrestling around 3:30 pm leave at 5: 30 go to boxing starts at 5:45 go intil Judo Jujutsu at 7:15 then train at Judo intil 9:00 to 9:30ish. Home training when ever i can.

But what do you guys do. Please follow my format.
Monday through Saturdays, 0400 (give or take a few minutes) to 0600 at home....Then teaching class at least twice weekly, too.
Sunday- Morning 10:00 i lift Weights

Monday- Night I Teach & Trian F.M.A

Tuesday- Submisson Wrestling & Gi Grappling 6:30- 8
& Kick Boxing 8-9

Wensday- American Wrestling 7-8:30

Thursday- Submisson Wrestling/ Gi Grappling 6:30- 8
&Kick Boxing 8-9

Friday- Weight Traing & Cardio

Sat- Sleep:eek:

i change My Weight Lifting around some days i do more
But This is the Most Comon.
Tuesday : 6-9 PM Wing Chun training.
Thursday: 6-7.30 above said.
Friday: 6-7.30 above said.

Every day bulking up and strength excercises for 30 mins up to an hour, then like an hour of practicing the art itself (doing forms, refining moves, punching a bag, etc.) and then a few days cardio. I try to fit in a day of cardio during winter, because the possibilites are limited, and 2-3 days during summer/late spring/early autumn.
Depends, gym-like workout the mornings I am on shift. Tuseday, thursday friday from 5:00pm to 9:00pm Aikido followed by Karate. Sundays WMA and free sparring from 12:00 to around 3-4. Sat. is stick fighting from 12:00 to about 4:00.

Despair Bear
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 0500 - 0600 for martial arts and stretching, 0630 - 0730 for Army Physical Fitness Training (which I am hoping I will be able to sneak in some Power to the People concepts!)

Thursday: Off

Saturday: 0900 - 1230 Yiliquan in Puyallup

Various moments during the entire day, seven days a week (training can take place anywhere and at anytime, even in the shower!).

I teach Sikaran 3 nights a week for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours each night. I train with my instructor about once a month (weather providing and the roads are clear) I train with to other instructors in diffrent styles once a month each for about the same time period then practice the techniques from the three systems 2 times a week for about 2-3 hours each night.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Weight Training
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: TKD training through Kang Duk Won
During free time I work on whatever I can, techniques, forms, sparring if I have a partner, shadow-boxing if I haven't a partner, drills, etc. I just work on my stuff, and try to examine what does and doesn't work.
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday at the dojand for hapkido. All other days half an hour of chair kicks (one kick type per day) and half an hour on the bag.

My training has been crazy lately. Monday and Wednsday at TKD MDK dojang, and since I'm still working on the dang contract for the other school, I train Monday night, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday days. I'm about to drop saturdays, though (need days off of work AND training to recover.
I only get into the class room once a week for 2 hrs.
Powerlift 5 days a week.
The other 6 days are spent at home working, refining, and practicing techniques, forms, sets, belt sayings, pledges, sparring techniques and sometimes after class I'll practice again at home.
M-W-F, 2-7
Tue-Thur.- 10-9
Sat. 10-12

I train at the Dojang and am the Chief instructor.
I also train at home as much as I can.

The schedual does change from time to time, but that is the standard.
I used to train 7 days a week (although Sunday was very laid back), around 4-6 hours a day from a private instructor who only took a few students in a remote place in Korea near Kwangju.

Currently, I train every day except for Sunday. I train at a club where I teach. I teach and train at the same time; I do everything I put my students to. It's not really a job though, I don't get paid. More of a volunteer thing.

I powerlift/Olympic lift 5 days a week. My split:

Mondays - Back and Biceps
Tuesday - Triceps
Wednesday - Delts/Traps
Thursday - Chest
Friday - Legs

Of course, it seems that powerlifting can make you all sore and everything and the cardio from MA training can hurt gains. But, it only hurts bodybuilding programs significantly. Powerlifting isn't about the pump like bodybuilding is about, and I rarely have enough lactic acid build-up from powerlifting.

A common individual full day which happens like three times a year where everything is free (nothing scheduled) and where I don't teach or anything, I train with my partners whom I've known for decades.

6:00 - Wake Up
6-7 - Jog
7-8 - Cool-down and stretching
11-11:30 - Jump roping
11:30 - Speed, agility, flexibility, footwork drills
11:30-12:30 - Bag Working (Moving target, heavy bag, speed bag, wooden dummy, etc.)
1-1:30 - Focusing on improving speed, reflexes, and awareness
1:30 - Focusing on power, timing, distance judging
1:30-2 - Defense/Counter-Offensive Drills
2-2:30 - Offensive Drills

5-6 - Technique training
6-9 - Freestyle sparring

9-10 - Lift

The full-day training schedule seems exhausting and negatively affects you but that is not really the case. It isn't all 100% output where your brain shuts down, but it's about smart training. There are rest periods in between and breaks where we can go get some food. A lot of times, we share ideas, techniques, and other interesting theories. For instance, during bag training, we might discuss different combos and work on them. Since my training partners come from different lineages in terms of their root art (boxing, freestyle wrestling, muay thai, wing chun), we always have something we can learn from each other. Even when I train with someone from similiar lineages as me, I always have something to learn and work on. Fighting is fighting. It isn't different. Everyone fights in their preferred fashion no matter what art they came from, and that's why we always have something to learn. Tyson fought differently than Sugar Ray Robinson, although both were boxers.

Like I said again, the training schedule I have doesn't have as much physical training where you will die of exhaustion as it looks like.

And I don't suggest this program to anyone. I personally like to lift at night because I just happen to lift the best at that time. My full thing is just trial-and-error, it works best for me.
i used to train more when i was working 1st shift, but here is my schedule now.

tues & thurs 10-11 training. private instruction after class if needed.

sat 10-11 i teach adults.

sat 11:30-12:30 i teach kids
For me I'm trying to follow this schedule as much as possible:

o Monday thru Saturday - TKD training at the dojang, 1 hr+ a day.
o Mon, Wed, Fri - Weight training and cardio.
o Sunday - Lounge around and rest.

I also bought an excercise bike, so as soon as I get around to assembling it I'll incorporate it into my training... :karate:
My training goes as follows......

Monday: 6:30 till 9:30 Training in Kali

Every other day of the week: Home training with my dad who is also my teacher and going over what we have learned etc. I also do 200 press ups and double that in sit ups.

Other then my teachers say I am lazy :shrug:

Mondays and Fridays: Western Boxing followed by muscular strength and endurance training (approx. 2 hours total). I train at a boxing gym.

Tuesdays and Thursdays: Jujutsu (Stand-up) followed by cardio/H.I.I.T. training (approx. 2 hours total). I train at a local YMCA.

On Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, I rest and review videos to expand my knowledge of martial arts. Right now I'm looking at a video on Systema ('Releases from holds'). Very, very interesting stuff.

Train hard,
BJJ/Submission class 2 to 4 times a week. It's the only club I actually belong to.

I work out in the Dog Pound 2 to 3 times a week.

I work out with Jaybacca and his Arnis/JKD classes once a week.

Then I get to Vlad's about every 2 weeks.
Tyrone? Are you the same Tyrone who was all about giveing people the quick "beat down" on Rec.martial-arts?
Originally posted by GouRonin
Tyrone? Are you the same Tyrone who was all about giveing people the quick "beat down" on Rec.martial-arts?

No, probably not. I'm not the type to talk trash to others online.