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  • Hi, I found one of your older post about sports across the pond. In it you said it was hard to follow here in the states. The EPL is on NBC sports network and you can find rugby on the BBC and fox sports 1. As for your question Manchester United is,was,and will always be better than city
    Thanks he wouldn't stop.
    Hey Sheldon, great thread on after-50. I'm doing OK, tough times and all, but that's nothing new. Hope you're well. -Mark
    Hello my friend :) I hope you are keeping yourself elevated high up on the mountain's peak :) Is all well with you? Jenna :)
    Sheldon, I missed your birthday and your Sr. Grandmaster passing. My sincere apologies.

    Congratulations on 10,000!
    A super Happy Birthday my friend :) now stop dallying we are all waiting for some CAKE! :D Jenna x
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