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How do you guys like to use kicking in a fight not sparring but in a street fight. And not comparing the advantages of kicking over punching. Do you use kicking to keep someone at bay? or is it your killing technique that you'll only use as a last resort? Do you only prefer to keep someone at kicking range? And what areas of the body do you prefer to target. Do you have a differetn kicking stradegy against a skilled opponent? I'd like to see what everyone's thoughts on on this.
Hiya Fist.

If I'm up against an untrained fighter (average Joe Shmoe pickin a fight), I'd use hand techniques, except maybe a low quick kick (front kick, ect). I have a mean jab for a chick hehehehe.

If I'm up against a trained fighter, I'd use more kicks. If this person is a "puncher", I'd stay outta arms reach and kick the crap outta him/her. If he/she is a kicker, I'd get in close, do some damage, then get out.

If it's a life and death situation, I'd use anything that works, and then get out quick. I'd turn into the gadget guy and use anything that does damage (knees, elbows, pressure point strikes, locks, take-downs, ect).

If I had to kick, it would be low, quick, powerful kicks. I love doin the high fancy ones, but they are not practical for a real situation, unless you are ultra super fast, and I'm not, so I wouldn't use them.
Most likely a front kick if there is distance or a knee break if in close.
but seriously folks, low line power kicks have always been a favorite of mine. get in close (hand distance) make em think high, then damage something low.
I really like the low muay thai round kick (oh wait, I'm a kenpo guy ;)), it is hard to defend against, particularly for those not used to seeing it. Many people who practice without leg kicks go into stances that are too deep and let their front leg be peppered. If you haven't taken this shot before it would be very distracting.

Nothing wrong with a good front kick either.

It has been a few years since I was in a real fight, but I think kicking is a valid tool. Again, I think it is situational (in a bar, in the snow). If footing was good, I think I would kick low. I think front kick to the groin might be the most useful to me as I find it the easiest not to miss. Groin, inside of thighs/shins , knees I think are good targets. I think in a real fight the opportunity for kicking is short, but there. For example, in a bar or on the street, an attacker bent on hurting you may not stand up in a fighting stance and "square off." Instead, I think they might try to bumrush you. So I think the two ways kicks would be used is a) as the person is coming in or b) after nailing him with some punches and he might stagger back, nail him with a Thai round kick to the legs and then either run or start following-up. Of course, I think it is tough to "plan" a fight because you don't know what your opponent will do, but i think one must be ready to either kick, punch, or grapple depending on situation.

A little disorganized reply, but I hope everyone understands my thoughts.

Bryan :)
Looks like a lot here favor the Thai roundhouse. It has a lot more power than that snapping roundhouse alot of people rely on. I like the thai roundhouse the only thing I don't like about it is it telegraphs quite a bit, but still better than that snaping roundhouse which could just serve to piss you opponent off.
What I like about the kick is that it's like swinging a bat...whatever it hits is going to hurt on your opponent for the most part. There is a fairly large margin of error (for example, almost any target along the side of the leg is a good place to hit).

Of course it is a tool, and should be used at the appropriate time like any other kick.

Bryan :)
Fist of Fury posted:
"I like the thai roundhouse the only thing I don't like about it is it telegraphs quite a bit"

Actually, I have found that it telegraphs differently, and that people who are used to TKD/karate style kicks don't pick up on the motion as early, I suspect they key off of the chambering leg to warn them of the kick, rather than the waist torque that precedes the thai kick. And you can disguise that with a step offline as the opponent is coming in.

Front kick,round house, side kick most lilely in that order of prefrence but the situation determins what happens. All low (groin down to ankles) Just love kicking mid thigh and knees.
360 kicks, reverse spinning kicks, they all telegraph big time. Really bad for real life.
Originally posted by Blindside

Fist of Fury posted:
...And you can disguise that with a step offline as the opponent is coming in.

You should be doing this anyway to generate power and create the proper angle for the kick.

Another nice thing about the Thai round kick is that even if they see it coming, it's still going to hurt. A lot.
Looks like I have to go with the rest of the crowd.
I favor low kicks, mostly front kicks to the shin, knee or groin. Next would be the Thai kick to the lower leg trying to break the knee. The side kick to the knee to blow it out could work too.

We typically use kicking not just to damage, but to break the balance of the opponent. Toe kicks, stomping kicks and heal strikes to break the foundation of the legs. We often do stomping kicks when the opponent is on the ground as well.
Originally posted by Jay Bell

We typically use kicking not just to damage, but to break the balance of the opponent.

Me too. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Sometimes it seems like everything in the martial arts is kazushi. Break their balance, whether by tugging, pushing, hitting, kicking, or what-have-you.
Just to tell a little story that my dad told me about him getting into a street fight with a regular old joe shmoe construction worker since he is an electrician. The guy came at him starting a fight so my dad just gave me a kick to the side breaking his ribs and the guy just gave up right then :) I think this show if you have power and accuracy a kick can be very damaging no matter where it strikes.
i gonna have to go with a face hand fake and then a knee kick. bust a cap and they cant walk.

hight kicks are way too dangerous, so it would be waist and below. probably front or side kick. let's not forget about the powerful back kick also. that puppy does some major damage.
Since someone has to strike before there is a response in our system. The kicking is used with a block, parry, sabaki etc,. The low kicks are used in street attacks. It mainly would not matter if the attacker was another artist or not. There has to be some element of control of the occuring attack before the counter can setup and finish. The streets hold the same phrase; no rules and anything goes. Sincerely, In Humility; Chiduce!
I'll vote for kicks to the shin or knee, as I'm closing the gap. Since I prefer fighting up close not many kicks after that. Unless you count the usual knee checks involved up close to keep your opponent off balance.
Well, I would definitely use a kick if applicable. The highest kick I would attempt would be to the gut, and that would be only if he was wide open. I would more likely try to take out a knee-cap with a step-side. (OH MY GOD! CAN IT BE? A TKD STUDENT WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO KICK HIGH?!!!)

If he's in close, I would definitely try a punch, elbow smash, or try to set him up for a subminsion hold. Arm bars are sweet! :D:eek:

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