Highlights of Obama's 1st 100 days

Bob Hubbard

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Aug 4, 2001
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Land of the Free

  • DAY 63: Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsak wakes suddenly at 3 a.m. in a cold sweat screaming, "Corn!"
  • DAY 61: Chris Dillard of Bethesda, MD, receives the first new job under Obama's stimulus plan, being tasked with flipping the numbers on the White House scoreboard every time a new job is created.
  • DAY 59: A temporary lull in the White House's efforts to push legislation through Congress leaves the GOP dangerously close to being forced to decide what its beliefs and solutions for the country are.
  • DAY 58: Rahm Emmanuel sends out a memo forbidding any more graphical depictions of what a billion dollars in stacked $1 bills looks like.
  • DAY 56: To mark St. Patrick's Day, most of the White House staff wears green, except for Joe Biden, who never makes it into work.
  • DAY 53: White House luncheon guests share a moment of awkwardness when someone says, "Madame, first lady," and both Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama turn around.
  • DAY 48: A trench-coat-wearing Wolf Blitzer is briefly detained by Secret Service agents after he is caught shoplifting three Mad magazines and a bottle of Dr Pepper from the White House gift shop.
  • DAY 44: For the third time this week, press secretary Robert Gibbs peeks his head through the Oval Office door to let President Obama know that he's going on a Baskin-Robbins run.
  • DAY 41: Sixteen hours and 25 cups of coffee into a Treasury Dept. strategy session, Tim Geithner proposes nationalizing CitiGroup, Bank of America, all nine seasons of Seinfeld, toast, Albania, and the third law of thermodynamics.
  • DAY 40: President Obama forwards the link to the new Star Trek movie trailer to the entire staff. Again.
  • DAY 29: A nervous Canada accidentally offers to be annexed during Obama's first foreign visit.
  • DAY 28: Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's wife has taken to calling him the Trillion Dollar Man during sex.
  • DAY 27: Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is still feeling out the White House policy on nudity.
  • DAY 22: President Obama asks aides to alert him immediately if the Mutant Registration Act is introduced in Congress.
  • DAY 21: For the third time, the Joint Chiefs of Staff ask President Obama not to leave fantasy miniatures on war map.
  • DAY 18: In one of many historic firsts, Barack Obama becomes the first black president to TiVo MythBusters.


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Aug 30, 2006
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Day 64: Hires the Maytag repairman to handle the "Tax Scandal Free for __ Days" sign.