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  • Gotta tell you, I'm loving your posts partner! In reference to the 6yr old and the way the KKW has become a commercial business rather than a serious MA organization. Thanks for saying what your saying and keeping it real.
    Hey John, no more "I'm GONNA send it" I can honestly say "I DID send it". My most humblest apologies to you bro for making you wait so long. Have a Merry Xmas. Joe
    Hey John, Sorry for being such a flake! Will send the shirts this week and tyhe dvd as soon as I get it done. Joe
    Well done for stepping away from that exchange in the Tegner thread, John. Such a war of words was not going to take anyone anywhere pleasant or instructive :tup:.
    3- Please Keep it clean. Hateful, racist or slanderous comments and messages about other persons, fellow members or others Martial Arts will NOT be permitted. You may voice your opinion, but again keep it clean. "Flaming" (the trashing of anothers post) will not be permitted. VIOLATORS WILL HAVE THEIR MESSAGES DELETED, ACCESS REMOVED, AND BANNED WITHOUT WARNING.

    I think you may be in trouble! I like you, your funny!
    I've moved you to my ignore list. I honestly don't think you capable of carrying on a conversation, or sharing ideas without resorting to a smart *** attitude. This is a courtesy message so you won't feel bad by my never replying to you.
    no asociations, i think orgs are useless, and offer nothing in return for soaking up the members money.
    Hello Sir...Thank you for adding me as a friend.
    You train in a good mix of styles.
    What, if any, TaeKwonDo Association are you with?
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