1. Czlowiekfala

    Tameshigiri video guide part IX

    According to well known tameshigiri legend a well sharpen sword should cut through seven bodies. Regardless of sword sharpness without a proper technique cuttting through many targets will not be possible. Yokonarabi combination puts cutting angles to the test. In the case of technique being...
  2. S

    Korean sword Hwando is not a copy of Katana; it predates Katana

    https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/03/Kokuryeo_Korean_sword_Hwando_%28original_Katana%29.jpg ==Korean weapon martial arts predating Muyedobotongji & their efficiency== In this section, we will observe the sources of some Muyedobotongji sports. First, we have to differentiate...
  3. K

    Paul Chen Swords: XL vs Elite Blades- Any Real Difference?

    Greetings! I am new to the forums (first post, actually), so, hi! I am taking kenjutsu. I have always wanted to learn the sword, and I now have the means to peruse this Way. I will need to purchase a shinken (live blade) at some point, and I am looking at the Paul Chen Tori katana. However, I...
  4. Samurai-do

    How to fix a rattling sword!

    How to fix your rattling sword! I found this about three weeks ago and it has made iai a pleasure once again :)
  5. Samurai-do

    For the Love of the Japanese Sword!

    For the love of the Japanese sword Comments, reactions feedback, always appreciated :) (apologies if you are seeing this for the second time, I realised it was languishing in the wrong category!)
  6. Aiki Lee

    Custom Sword Recommendations

    Hey Kenjutsu / iaijutsu practitioners, I am saving up for a custom made katana and stumbled across Swords of Northshire Is anyone familiar with their products? I would like something that is appropriate for cutting and iaijutsu practice, and they seem to have a good reputation online. If anyone...
  7. Samurai-do

    For the love of the Japanese sword!

    For the love of the Japanese sword Comments, reactions feedback, always appreciated :)