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  • Hello Mon chere'. I needed to check this function on this site. It seems to function but only selectively. :slapfight: <<< what can I say? Captain Obvious is at it again. Unreal. :s402:

    In any case, now that that little problem is sorted perhaps I can go back to debating on this forum. Or at least until I get facebook fixed in January. HEY....... I found a wonderful Boxing coach. Technical technical technical. And they fight pro, like NOW. Holy crap, different. I love it. Ballet, it is like ballet.
    Not a problem.

    It is difficult to explain that Suio Ryu is understood by the practicing of the art as it was invisioned by the Founder. Armchair discussions will never allow you to understand.

    Sensei always asks us "What is better "Ugly Iai" that cuts or "Pretty Iai" that does not". For our Tradition the answer is fairly simple. Anything else is just a dance.

    Best regards,
    Yeah, what jks said! You've been gone for a month! I thought you abandoned us here! :lol:
    when it comes to asking about ninjutsu in other systems, I wouldn't say I'm looking for any specific answer. Rather, I'm looking at what questions I should be asking to get any kind of answer at all.
    My apologies for the posting mistake, I should have paid more attention to what I was reading and not torpedoed the point you were trying to make since it was incredibly valid to the thread. I would have PMed this but your in box is full
    please can you connect me with members of the Yagyu Ryu or Kaashima shinryu in Atlanta Georgia, USA?
    I found that you had helped another member do so btu could not find details in the forum

    Thanks in advance
    Yes, I was advised many years ago to make Fox in Socks my benchmark of comprehension and that if I maintained an understanding of it then my English would not falter. I think I am still getting there haha. I can see that you have no such difficulties Christopher! :) Well I will not inquire of your clandestine activities only to say I hope they are not dangerous. Or illegal. And there will be fortune on the horizon when you know it to be true :) Jx
    Ah you are being too Fox in Socks Christopher and my English is no longer up to those extremes of contortion! :D I think you cannot be busy being busy unless you have something to be busy with? I hope you are not procrastinating? If you have nothing to be busy with except pondering the back of your hands then your talents are going wasting! Utilise your talents to your own benefit and make yourself a fortune-worth of happiness, Jx
    Indeed, the only constant is change. That is a truth well observed Christopher. I think the nature of change is what renders life predictable or no. Break out from the laws of Newton and fly I say! :D Tell me are you keeping busy? Are you writing songs Christopher? Are you following your heart or looking for steady employment? I wish you well whichever, Jx
    Christopher you have replied with your bardic hat upon your head :D I am glad you have rediscovered it though I will have to get my dictionary and research what you are saying! And so you are unchanging? I think that every day we are not the same as the previous day, is that not so? I agree about being eternal and the nature of our reality is seldom obvious and I am grateful you have time to contemplate. As to amusement, I should imagine that is often found in unexpected places? I like it when that happens :) Jx
    Um.. surely Christopher you mean you have been 24 for *an unspecified amount of time now* :) Me I think I am accelerating in cat years myself ha. I am looking forward to being reincarnated as a hawk or something more interesting lol. I hope you are good today, Jx
    I think that applies to us all Christopher and some of us at alarming rates too! :) Jx
    Maybe she is suffering from an illness? I hope not, 11 yo is an old timer I think! As for the right place and time, you know Christopher it works the other way because you determine that place and time for yourself. A verse... It matters not how strait the gate, how charged with punishments the scroll. I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul :) I hope you are good in other ways, Jx
    Well now you have taken them into your care so you are to blame Christopher! You are too soft!! Perhaps your yin and your yang are not in proportion, throw them outside and let them fend with the dogs and mice a little :) Yes you have all my wishes that stuff works out and but only you can make it happen really, you must not believe it; you must expect it Christopher! :)
    Animals can be sensitive though kitties are notorious self-servers I think? I hope Christopher you have your various ways of maintaining a positive aspect over the world, that is what will bring you the success you deserve. Something good will happen when you are certain of and expect it to happen. That is how it works :) I will send you my wishes too, Jxo
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