1. R

    Japan's tattoo ban

    This may be new for some people but the Japanese (and to a lesser extent Koreans) will refuse entry to tattooed people for many things: gyms, swimming pools, steam rooms, saunas, hot springs, public baths, and spas. While you may see some Korean celebrities with tattoos, it's a big NO in Japan...
  2. Vince Millett

    1990s Japanese MMA jiu jitsu tournaments (originally posted in my blog)

    It's the mid 90s and the martial arts world has discovered Brazilian Jiu Jitsu after the launch of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It's going to be a while before BJJ becomes part of the martial arts scene back in the source of jiu jitsu, Japan, but Japan already has some mixed martial arts...
  3. Historyofkarate

    The REAL Story of Karate

    The Karate Tapestry Chapter 3 By Robert Hunt There's a beginning somewhere. We seek it out, like Paul Harvey used to say, for "the rest of the story". Of course, there is no real beginning, just the hazy starting place we choose. But, we want to understand it as far in the past as possible...
  4. Samurai-do

    For the love of the Japanese sword!

    For the love of the Japanese sword Comments, reactions feedback, always appreciated :)
  5. jaikali

    mongols vs ninja

    Mongols attacked/attempted to attack japan several times in history ...but did they ever encounter ninjas?? they fought hashashins ..but did they ever fight asian assassins?