Fancy Kicks

What do you think of fancy jumping/spinning kicks?

  • Training in them is good for agility and timing.

  • Useless waste of time.

  • Saved my life with one.

  • Ok for an athlete, but a true warrior has no need of them.

  • Maybe they have a use, but not my style.

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Not if you know what you are doing.

Its been done.

Have you ever seen two gypsies go at it. They just take punishment forever. And that is what they do. So the know what you are doing part is covered.

I have a pretty hard head I have defiantly been beaten by good strikers. But never been completely incapacitated. And certanly not in the three or four seconds it woul take to group mob someone.

And I am not superman.

Honestly there have been very few people who can reliably knock people out of commission.
I saw the fight where Manly Spandex, I mean Stanley Nandex, first got the name 'Headhunter' on Foxtel, after that he seemed to have a bit of tunnel vision in looking for that head kick in subsequent fights.

Yeah it is a weapon but you have to use it at the right time. The advantage is that very few people are going to counter that kick regardless because to do so requires the big risk of eating it.
Jumping & Spinning kicks are great tools to build up agility, power & endurance and can fill in a missing gap of distance (jump kicks) or allow you to recover from a bad situation (spinning,hook and rear kicks).

Personally I prefer the basic kicks and also staying rooted but I also understand the concept of missing a circular strike and using a spinning back kick or strike as a type of recovery to get back to your fighting position.

I can also see how Rear kicks and spinning back kicks can be useful if you were fighting one opponent then had another attack you from behind.

Jump kicks could be used for jumping over one down opponent to get to the other as well but then again I'm just trying find an use for a fancy kick and would prefer to stay rooted and use my basic kicks.

Strive To Be A Martial Artist & Not A Jock Artist.
some of them are high risk high reward e.g. the spinning side kick or spinning heel kick - these are perhaps worth learning but that is debatable, in their favor when practiced well enough they can be quite fast and sneakily set up and can end a fight in one hit

some of them are high risk and low/medium reward e.g. jumping crescent kick - these definitely, are a big waste of time

this is my opinion, but I think its a sound one.
Fancy jumping spinning kicks are for Hollywood. They are also good for training in that they develop agility and coordination but I wouldn't use them in a fight.
Fancy jumping spinning kicks are for Hollywood. They are also good for training in that they develop agility and coordination but I wouldn't use them in a fight.

Those who can, do. Those who can't, insist it's not possible.

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You can still find more fight ending fancy kicks than knee kicks.

They have their use.

Pretty much a person will run away or get smashed with the thing. So they are very hard to counter.
They develop balance, strength, flexibility, agility, timing ... and they look damn good when done right.

We're martial ARTISTS after all . . . and if they are part of the heritage of your art, then you should be able to do them as well as you can.

My style has a few, and they are fun . . . but i'd never use a jumping one in a real fight. Some of the spinning ones, however, are a good way to gain a serious surprise factor. Front kick followed by a spinning side kick, for example, has gotten me more than few sparring matches.

If you're fast and accurate, they're a great surprise weapon. If you're off, you're going down.

So basically, I'd use them in the ring, but not in the street. I train them because they are part of the history of my style.
yes, since I train in TKD it's all a part of my art, however, spin kicks are amazing, when used right, they can be devastating, I voted "saved my life with one" because it did, I was getting smashed, until I saw an opening and landed a reverse side kick into his chest. Boom. end fight

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