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  • What's up Scott? Hope all is well with you. Missed you at the tournament in August.
    Yeah, and those hkd uniforms are insanely thick! Ive been wearing my chung do kwan uniform lately. Its a lot lighter, you guys must be burning up
    Been great! :) August was wonderfully cool, so we are all suffering a bit with the heat that has lately arrived as we aren't acclimated to it. Great to hear from ya, Josh!
    Dominator......Found you! Can you like..ad me as your friend, so I won't feel so all alone?
    Yea? I guess its working for you then, eh? I find it delivers roughly as much impact into the back as a roundhouse kick — which is saying a lot
    Well, thanks to you I think I finally got the hang of that driving/hooking ridgehand. :bangahead: Hope to see you sharing more nuggets like as often as you're able. ;)
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