Fancy Kicks

What do you think of fancy jumping/spinning kicks?

  • Training in them is good for agility and timing.

  • Useless waste of time.

  • Saved my life with one.

  • Ok for an athlete, but a true warrior has no need of them.

  • Maybe they have a use, but not my style.

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But yeah, although rare, I've seen quite a few kicks to the head. From sport MA tourneys, to NHB tourneys, to street fights. Although rare, if you see a huge opening as in the guy's arms are down, the guy's drunk or dizzy, etc. And most of the time, the guy was leaning forward as if he was about to fall over and was snooping down, making the execution a lot easier to perform since his elevation is lower. A solid kick to the head is enough for a KO. That is if you solidly land it. I don't suggest you trying to do KO kicks, that's not the point. The point is that some people might be able to pull it off, but that some people is not the majority. And the kick was non-telegraphed, the kick was very fast and swift, and was followed by a feint and some footwork at 30-45 degree angles or so and or hopping forward or backwards to get into the right position, distance, and using good footwork can make it so the person has a less of a chance of defending himself since his angle is bad in comparison to the opponents.

Again, they were rare, and I've only did it once or twice in a fight where the guy was prepared (as in not intoxicated, not tired, or anything) and they were due to luck. That was way back then. After that, I just couldn't risk it.
ok lets try this KENPO is like playing pool,
#1: if you are standing at a bar with alot of people around and this guy comes up to you and wants to fight, if he is looking right into your eyes and he puts his hands up to do something? you DO NOT have to kick this man remember the last movment in STAR BLOCK? the palm block right? was is that used for?
well we know that it can be used for a knee stirke.
so now we take your own knee and right into the old bongos, with that he will bend over and the rest you can work it out.
but what i did was set him up for the next shot.
and i will say this again "i think kicks have there place"
i hope you understand this:asian:

yours in kenpo
Originally posted by ob2c
.I'm not saying this is a good thing to do in this situation. I'm just answering your question- how would I sidekick someone in a crowded bar.

lonekimono, I think we agree on whether or not you should use this in a crowded bar. I suppose if you wanted to quickly put him into a booth on top of his friends, maybe. There are still better options though. I was just working off your example to illustrate how you *could* execute an in close side kick.
I agree way to much T.V.!!!!!:asian:

I do practice some so called fancy kick's once in a while they help me with balance, coordination, depth perception and its also a great cardio workout.

For competition such as sparring and forms i could see its use but for street fight its pretty much useless. :asian:

I think they are good for learning timing, and deveoping power. If you can correctly deliver a high kick to a moving target, then it should be much easier to deliver a low, penetrating kick to disable the other guy.
I am not one for fancy kicks...and I would definitely NOT use any on the streets in a real conflict. However, in the ring/octagon, I have seen them pay off. When I was managing some NHB fighters a while back, one of them landed a spinning sidekick, SOLIDLY, on his opponent. This was against the local superstar and in his first pro match! So yeah, they can work, but don't risk it in the street.
i like what you had to say:D it's people like you that DON'T make my head hurt:shrug: :cool:
His name is Donald Comely. I believe it was a Pankration style bout. It was in Indiana. You might be able to track his name down on an old Dangerzone archive. He fought there in 2000, I believe.
i dont mind doing them, and actually enjoy learning them but as far as real combat goes i would not perform them. usually a fight will last 30 seconds or so. you need to perform the moves that work fast and the best for you. who has time for a jump 360 degree back spinning double hook kick????

If you're asking how Donald did in the tournament, he lost the fight in which he threw that kick, eliminating him. As I mentioned, it was his first pro fight and he was sort of thrust into going pro that night.
If you were asking how he got in the tournament, the MMA and NHB scene is easy to break into and you can fight on the circuit relatively unknown for years, even if you are winning.
This is probably not the thread to discuss this on, however, so PM or email me if you have anymore questions.

P.S. I haven't even trained in over two years, let alone training or managing any fighters. The management thing was short-lived anyhow. It took up a lot of my time....time better spent with my family.

Originally posted by moromoro
thanks geoff

yes we have those mma circuits here in australia,

what, no training in two years you must be itching to come back to training.....

but family does come first

thanks man


Itching isn't the word. I am downright crawling out of my skin to get back to training. Unfortunately, I have burned out my son and wife on the whole martial arts thing, so they won't train with me.:wah:

I think I may have tracked down a local guy that can play once a week, but we haven't been able to get our schedules to jive yet.

The flash kicks are fantastic for teaching younger students the reasons for the base kicks...... side step and hard block two or three times and the stop the flash in the pan and gor for the solidly grounded instead!

Good for excercise, yetthe amount of people I've flattened in pubs or clubs that have tried a Van Dam on me...! You see them atleast 1 whole second before impact, plenty of time!
(though when they do land one on you - ouch! LOADS OF PAIN!)
Oops - forgot..... we found that if you pactice your kicks high, you get better excercise and thus improve your lower kicks, (anything above the waist is flashy to me! LOL)... I train so my Kin Geri is to head height, Keage and kekomi (yoko and mea) are both to the chest.... when sparring or fighting, I go for the hips and knees! Lots more power and flow since I started training for the higher kicks! As for all the jumping stuff... I found they are brilliant for one thing... sore ankles! LOL

Still, good to practice, naff for use!

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