Down With Mcdojos



We need a plan in the U.S.A get reed of all the mcdojos there is a mcdojo for every good school out there. We need to start raiseing red flags , well heres one , maybe we should do somthing call news paper etc.. IDEAs are needed take action look at this . thats one reason we need to clean up the ma world . YOUR FRIEND Judo-kid
To be honest I dont think that would work. You'd have to get quite a few bits and peices to even get someone to close down there McDojo's. Then theres the whole "What is a McDojo" cuz people have differant views. And Im also pretty sure some people go to McDojo's in this forum so Im not sure if they want everyone ganging up against them. It's just the way it goes. If you really wanna do your part, then dont have anything to do with a McDojo and tell your freinds to stay away! ;)
wow.. didn't know bruce lee was part of the crusade against mcdojos
there is a mcdojo for every good school out there.
In my meager 23 years MA experience, I would say that there are more like half a dozen McDo jo/jang for every 'good' school!:(
mcdojos will always be around as long as there is money to be made, but the true schools will last while others fail.

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