don't have any KKW certificate


Nov 7, 2007
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I would not compare KKW with ITF OR ATA but your right on the point about opportunity to train with some exceptional people more than that Traditional Indiginous Native Art Forms are about family and the traditional values of that family one of which is to adopt members in outside of that family. So its about choice who do you want to be part of its all good base on your needs. I just take issue with those that Can't or Won't be part of anything specific kicking sand on KKW as if its the problem?

If you mean me, I am not kicking sand on the KKW. That said, I'll call it like I see it. The best reason to join the KKW is if you are an Olympic hopeful. Other than that, you can certainly learn excellent tae kwon do outside of the KKW, too. And people do. By and large, the vast majority of TKD students know nothing about organizations; what they know and care about is the training and treatment they receive in their dojangs.

And yes, I would put ITF and ATA into the same pool as fulfilling people's needs, the greater size of the KKW notwithstanding. They provide the same type of services: certification, tournament organization, training opportunities, etc.


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Jun 13, 2009
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without getting too long wind'd. I moved around alot. different states in the U.S. although My skills spoke for themself. My home schools Dan didnt mean anything to the new schools I went to. But my KKW was recognized by every school, especially those with a korean master. even the NON-KKW schools. ATA and ITF. My School dan was higher than my KKW yet the schools would only allow me the rank of my KKW.

Like everyone said, skills will outweight any piece of paper. However, one day my skills will diminish because of age and injury... when that day comes, I can only hope the peice of paper means something. and a 6th/7th dan KKW will be more valuable TO ME, than any other DAN cert.

Hope this helps.