Can you learn spinning aerial kicks in your 30s?


Nov 7, 2017
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Southeast U.S.
Isn't your balance affected by pulling in the opposite direction to open the hips or does the body adjust to that eventually?
It is the end effector principle. If you think of a spring in rotational torsion, one end is fixed and the other produces the 'effect' or work, or force, etc.. The energy produced can be directed (think clockwise/counter-clockwise). The same is true for the end effector of a kick (the foot). In a kick potential energy is created (stored) then released. Using a roundhouse as the example, the upper body rotates creating the potential. Then the lower body is released (spring action) becoming the effector. Is a very real way both upper and lower body are moving in the same direction, just at slightly different times.

So to your question, if a person is creating or using the potential energy but twisting the wrong way, especially at the wrong time, the answer would be Yes.

Another very valid principal or way to think of it is Yin & Yang.


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Dec 3, 2018
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Age is just a number. Beeing in your 30s you still have plenty of time and potential to improve. You probably won't be a world champion or so but you still have a lot ahead. If you think your time is more or less up then it will be so because you are mentally limiting yourself. Watch your thoughts!

I am 44 and I can do things I couldn't in my 20s or 30s.

Jump spinning kicks aren't easy I admit. After getting a pretty decent hook kick and spinning hook kick I tried the jump spinning hook kick but I really suck at it. My jump is ok but when I try to add the kick it really sucks big time. And on top of that after jump spinning a few times I tend to feel dizzy, even though I always train on an empty stomach...

Still I am sure I can learn it. I need to find a good tutorial on this, or at least one that fits me. And practice, a lot of it. I think the same applies to you.


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Nov 6, 2016
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I'm 49 and I can still do them. Just not as high and not as often.

Right? I heard "32 soon" and thought - I would shave my butt, with a lawnmower, if it meant I could be 32 again.

OP - I can't really help you, I have no desire to do a jump spinning kick. Just like I have no desire to jump and spin while signing a document. Both seem equally pointless to me. I can tell you THIS tho - unless, you have some legitimate medical condition, AGE has nothing to do with the failure you are experiencing. You should listen to the guys giving you advice. What is the worst? They were wrong and you still can't do one? Unless someone here tells you to do something you know is dangerous, try what they say bruh.