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  • hi lynne! s'up?

    "s'up" is what the kids are saying these days. i saw it on the MTV. :)

    Hello Lynn I am new to martial talk but I am enjoying thus far. Lots of interesting people. I hope your having a bright and sunny day. Be bless Shalowm!
    Good luck! we will most likely cancell classes. I would feel badly if someone got hurt coming to class so if in doubt we close. Often a tough call with New England weather. Again, Good luck!!
    Things here are good. Haven't had a chance to study as the schools are so far away. Plus I just found out that I'm getting promoted Jan 1st (military that is), so I am having to go thru some training before the government will allow me to sew my next stripe on. Hopefully soon tho, i will get to train. Personal training tho, has really slacked since I haven't had much time. Thanks for asking tho! How is your training going?
    Hi Lynne, not too much in the way of leaves changing but the mornings are cooling down and Autumn is in the air.
    Great posts! Although for different reasons we both have similar foot problems people don't always understand how important good feet are to TSD
    Yeah, Louis. After King Louis of course. He is a 13 lb. little tough guy. Big chest and shoulders. Hell his fangs are an inch and a quarter. He loves rough housing and playing soccer. I have promoted him to purple belt in puppy fu.

    He is quite the ladies man, even though he is a daddy's boy. Thank you for the add.
    I love the pic of your dog. It is funny I am pure Scottish, but it is funny. I married a french woman, own a toy french poodle and live in a french town. Btw: I like your posts. They are good. You are a thoughtful poster as well.
    Thanks for the comment on my "invisibility" photo. It does convey the concept quite well.
    ...fall easy.
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