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Aug 4, 2001
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Several of them have been BOTs from various search engines. Others have been people. A few have since signed up, others haven't. But, you're right, the traffic has gone way up...definate spike. I've been noticing more links to us on other sites / forums.

To everyone who'se been promoting the forum here Thank You.
Prestige huh? ok.... This forum software allows for the tracking of Referals. You use a customized URL to point em here, and if they sign up, you earn a point.

Maybe I'll set it up. :)

Thanks for the links too. The more publicity the better.
Sure. Just print out your stats n send em to Pepsi.

Or coke. :D
I mean, 10% of nothing might be nothing but I like the prestige!

I linked this site up with mine and my instructor's web site. Don't know if that will make any difference but what the hell?

Can I redeem my points like "Pepsi" points? If so, I want the fighter jet ok?
Could these guests to the forums be other parties involved in the Modern Arnis debate? Seeing what they're doing while connected seems to indicate this.

The plot thickens...
(cheesy dramatic music)


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