1. D

    Training martial art/contact sport at home.

    Let’s talk about training. Due to the pandemic many gyms are closed. How do you practice your martial art/contact sport while at home? Do you train with a partner? Also what are your options, if you need to be isolated completely alone. If you are not actually training in the art/sport, then...
  2. Taipan

    6 tips for becoming a better warrior

    6 tips for becoming a better warrior #1 Train Daily Training daily will be your first step toward success and rapid growth. This will require you to develop some new habits. Even if you can only train for a small amount of time, if you make it a goal to train every day, you will greatly...
  3. E

    Super glue for blisters?

    I always get blisters on the ball of my foot if I practice for a while without any kind of protection for my foot. I am a beginner, so I know it will be this way for a while and I am also exploring ways to toughen my feet up over time. But since I am getting blisters all the time now and I don't...
  4. Ivan

    Has anyone had experience in Martial Arts with Vibram Five Finger shoes?

    I finally managed to buy myself a pair because I absolutely love training barefoot, but hate getting my feet dirty. Every now and then, I will train barefoot on the concrete to condition my soles, my feet's shock absorbers and balls of my feet, but I also thought it would feel great to go on my...
  5. R

    Practising Strikes with Sai/Tekpi

    Hi I brought sai when I was a teenager and found them in my garage after years. I’ve started using them properly now (I just used to use them for generic fight scenes when I was younger and never went to a gym or anything). I’ve taken up boxing which I enjoy greatly and was thinking about...
  6. P

    A practical discussion on endurance and its limits

    I competed in shotokan karate, junior MMA and kickboxing as a kid (10-14) with fairly good results for the chubby bastard I was for the first 2 years My endurance was always sh*t, getting gassed out in the warm-up jog sometimes, but what I lacked in endurance and work ethic I made up in heavy...
  7. D

    At what age should boys start fighting with full contact to the body?

    Some 10-13 year old boys want to start fighting full contact. In our club (Thai Boxing and MMA) full contact to the head starts with 16 and to the body with 14. I think, when the boys want to fight with full contact and the parents agree, there is no reason not to allow it. And for self...
  8. Ivan

    Fundamental differences between Karate and Kung Fu

    Hey guys, I am writing a dissertation on Chinese influences on the origins of Karate in Okinawa. I have began comparing Kung Fu to Karate and come to the conclusion that due to the large amount of substyles in each martial art, I can't compare techniques. Instead, I must compare movements...
  9. K

    Training Partners

    Greetings. I live in the North Bay Area (Marin County) and train in Santa Rosa, at Phas3 gym. The drive for me is an hour and a half each way and my schedule doesn't allow me more than 2 to 3 training sessions at Phas3. So, I often use the heavy bag by myself. I like to train 6 days a week...
  10. Grimlon332

    How to breath properly in Karate?

    One of my always pending question about practicing karate, is how do you breath properly in different circumstances (striking, blocking, evading...). Most people and senseis, tend to reply that you block the air when you are punching, and at the last moment, you let it go, so it can do a...
  11. Grimlon332

    Bone and tendon training, nervous system training, skin training in karate?

    I was searching on the Internet about exercices to strengthen my bones or tendon, adapt my nervous system to reduce the pain of hits, and to strengthen my skin, like the iron palms exercice, in okinawan karate, japanese karate or in fitness in general, but I didn't find very relevant...
  12. whitebeltforever

    How many times a week should a beginner train?

    At the moment I'm averaging 2 - 3 classes a week, and was wondering if this is enough for progress? i have other activities too but was wondering, how many times everyone trains per week? What is your goal in judo, and does your training routine align with your goals? Are you training more or...
  13. ShotoSean

    Karate "How To's"

    Hi, everyone! I've started posting "Karate How To's" on my Youtube channel. I don't have much content so far but with what I do have, I hope it helps you! Youtube: ShotoSean I'm open to suggestions! Osu!
  14. ShotoSean

    Karate "How To's"

    Hi, everyone! I've started posting "Karate How To's" on my Youtube channel. I don't have much content so far but with what I do have, I hope it helps you! Youtube: ShotoSean I'm also open for suggestions! Osu!
  15. N

    New Training Group in DFW Area

    Hello everyone! After several years of my teacher recommending that I do so, I have finally come to a place where I am ready to open a dōjō, which I have named the Hachidori Dōjō. For me, the hummingbird is a representation of endurance, precision, and maneuverability. It is for this reason -...
  16. memory1179

    WTF Kukkiwon Dan holder to ATA Dojang?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I am thinking of restarting Taekwondo and I would like to ask some questions and gain some advice from you. I have a Kukkiwon Dan certificate from South Korea. I was trained before during my youth in a WTF Dojang (Dojo) and during my military service there as my unit...
  17. O

    Water is your friend.

    Quick question to everyone out there: How much water do you drink in a training session? I drink 2 L of still water.
  18. O

    The potential of TMA

    First of all a little disclaimer: I like all types, styles, shapes, and flavors of martial arts I have trained judo and TKW for about 20 years, researched about many other styles around the world, I have been a competitor, and I have even been in the cage as a guest in the local MMA gym (In...
  19. O

    Little advice for a special student.

    Hey I'm a Judo practitioner and have been one for 20 or so years, I help my sensei with the Saturday class for kids as an assistant. Recently a new kid enrolled in the Dojo really nice chap he is 8 year old now but has this issue called Hypotonia which affects his muscle tone making his muscles...
  20. O

    Regarding Tricking

    I've recently been researching this thing called tricking which is a mix of Gymnastics, dance, parkour and a bit of martial arts. While I wouldn't recommend tricking it during a match I can see some benefits to the practice of said skill for starters it looks like great cardio, good training for...
  21. O

    Learning when a school or instructor is not available.

    Hey I'm posting this thread since it is my reality, the place where I live has 3 martial arts schools a Judo Dojo, a Taekwondo Dojang, and a MMA school that's it. Really small town and the nearest martial arts school is a TKD Dojang with 2 hour drive one way, now at the very least I have a lot...
  22. O

    Training for tendons, ligaments, and joints.

    As you might know the tendons, ligaments, and joints are very important not only for martial arts but for an active lifestyle. I haven't found a way to nurture and enhance said tissue to prevent injuries and improve myself, does anyone knows about an approach to exercising said tissue? I...
  23. Lucas Areias

    Will this work-out WORK OUT?

    Hi, i'm 15 and new to this forum, but i really need an answer: i made a training routine, wich i intend to follow religiously, but i dont know if its good or bad. Im doing this mostly because i want to get stronger and be able to master karate, so apart from this work out, i'll continuously...
  24. H

    Favorite martial arts site?

    What is your favorite martial arts web site? Or blog?
  25. O

    Building your ideal martial arts training grounds

    If you were able to get hold of 5,500 ft2 of open space right in your backyard. What would you build/install to make your ideal training grounds for the martial art that you practice? The terrain is in the open, flat, and has nothing but dirt, just one big square of space. Your budget is tight...
  26. O

    Grip strength training.

    Hello, I'm a Judo practitioner so grip strength is very important for my art however I've always been amazed by the grip strength of Hung gar practitioners of the tiger kung fu, I apologize if I mixed the names and terminology up Chinese martial arts aren't my forte, but I would love to practice...
  27. Anarax

    Martial Arts Training Robots

    Technology is always advancing and it's interesting to ponder how it will change the world. Imagine a training robot that could be programmed to do almost any drill or even live sparring. A fully programmable, user-friendly robot that can aid you in your training. A robot like the one below...
  28. Superperson

    How does one train or exercise?

    Hi again! So I wanted to ask advice on my exercise regime and also wanted to know what do you guys/gals do at home. For me I do it 4 days a week at my home and I do class two days a week. I do not train or exercise at home on the days I go to class given im already training there. First...
  29. T

    A small question about physique...

    I have question I am hoping you could anwer... For the past three months I have been doing an ancient greek martial art named Pankration. However because of the extreme heat here in Greece my Martial Arts school will be closed for the summer. Is there something I could do by myself (in home or...
  30. Samaelfff

    Want to study FMA in the Philippines but live in the USA

    Hi folks, I am new to the board and I am glad I found it. Tons of info here. I have been studying FMA for a couple of years now with a local instructor and a few other students, here in Washington State. It is a "garage" style learning environment where we can really focus on interacting with...