1. O

    Building your ideal martial arts training grounds

    If you were able to get hold of 5,500 ft2 of open space right in your backyard. What would you build/install to make your ideal training grounds for the martial art that you practice? The terrain is in the open, flat, and has nothing but dirt, just one big square of space. Your budget is tight...
  2. O

    Grip strength training.

    Hello, I'm a Judo practitioner so grip strength is very important for my art however I've always been amazed by the grip strength of Hung gar practitioners of the tiger kung fu, I apologize if I mixed the names and terminology up Chinese martial arts aren't my forte, but I would love to practice...
  3. Anarax

    Martial Arts Training Robots

    Technology is always advancing and it's interesting to ponder how it will change the world. Imagine a training robot that could be programmed to do almost any drill or even live sparring. A fully programmable, user-friendly robot that can aid you in your training. A robot like the one below...
  4. Superperson

    How does one train or exercise?

    Hi again! So I wanted to ask advice on my exercise regime and also wanted to know what do you guys/gals do at home. For me I do it 4 days a week at my home and I do class two days a week. I do not train or exercise at home on the days I go to class given im already training there. First...
  5. T

    A small question about physique...

    I have question I am hoping you could anwer... For the past three months I have been doing an ancient greek martial art named Pankration. However because of the extreme heat here in Greece my Martial Arts school will be closed for the summer. Is there something I could do by myself (in home or...
  6. Samaelfff

    Want to study FMA in the Philippines but live in the USA

    Hi folks, I am new to the board and I am glad I found it. Tons of info here. I have been studying FMA for a couple of years now with a local instructor and a few other students, here in Washington State. It is a "garage" style learning environment where we can really focus on interacting with...
  7. E

    Training my consciousness?

    TL/DR: What practical tools, techniques, and practices should I adopt to firm up my focus? Joined this forum for the sole purpose of receiving feedback on this issue. The forum gets straight to the point and provides a category for the disciplines, so I am still unsure of where else this...
  8. AngryHobbit

    Permission to pause

    With the Warrior Dash only two and a half weeks away, I've been training harder than ever. POUND on Mondays with half an hour of strength training before the class; yoga on Tuesday; Zumba on Wednesday - also with strength training; aikido on Thursday and on Saturday. Between all that, and the...
  9. R

    Online martial arts courses

    Hey there everyone! Just wanted to get your thoughts on something. What are your opinions on learning martial arts from an online course, as opposed to at a class or gym? How far can you get learning purely from online videos and so on? And can online courses be a useful supplement to in-person...
  10. AngryHobbit

    Non-martial training in martial arts

    "She nodded thoughtfully, then poked the air, wrist bent and elbow out. I couldn't stand it, so I took it [the sword] from her, dropped slowly into a foil guard, lunged in high line, recovered - a move so graceful that big hairy men look good in it. It's why ballerinas study fencing." - Robert...
  11. Anarax

    Martial Arts Aren't Magic

    Over the years I have witnessed an interesting concept both the trained and untrained believe. The concept is based around the idea that showing up for practice is the only thing required to improve martial prowess. This isn't directed to the differently abled, but more towards those that don't...
  12. AngryHobbit

    Training for POUSes (persons of unusual size)

    Note: The bulk of my training lies in Nihon Goshin Aikido, brought by Sensei Richard Bowe to America after training under Shoto Morita in Japan. Unlike Princess Bride's ROUSes (Rodents of Unusual Size), who are unusually large, persons of unusual size run the full gamut: unusually tall...
  13. Anarax

    Pride's Price

    Students are their biggest obstacle when they are more concerned for their pride than training. I've seen this in multiple schools over the years. There are numerous drills that are crucial in developing your skills as a martial artist. Drills are to train muscle memory, improve technique and/or...
  14. D

    ANY Fighting Style can work if you train it right.

    This to me is self evident but many disagree, so what better topic for discussion. So first to the terms: Fighting style: method of conducting fights. For most this includes trying to "win" but not always. The key point here is that a fighting style is NOT the traditionally associated training...
  15. EMT

    Training in Thailand

    Have you ever considered training in Thailand? Or maybe you are planning a to visit Bangkok? I wrote a post with some tips and advice about living and training in Bangkok: Muay Thai in Thailand
  16. Kenposcholar

    Mannequin Fighting

    Hi, everyone! I'm looking for suggestions on how to get quality training at a Kenpo school with students who tend to focus on techniques or spontaneous fighting where they turn into a statue. I've been training for quite a few years & very much enjoy the philosophies/lifestyle of the...
  17. Millennial Martial Artist

    Honor Through Martial Arts

    Whenever I watch those old martial arts movies, usually one of the things I always hear is honor; bringing honor to one's family, honor to one's loved one, or honor to their senior, style or dojo/dojang. It really seems like a common connection with martial arts and honor to go hand in hand. But...
  18. Millennial Martial Artist

    Why Did you Start Training? Parents: was it for Discipline for Your Kids?

    Hey everyone! I wanted to get some feedback on others thoughts. In our school, we have been talking a lot about discipline: what it is, what it means, and how kids can better use it. I've found that I saw this a lot for our younger kids: the ones who have trouble standing still, let alone being...
  19. J

    Exercise techniques in MA classes

    I'm currently having some issues in class. The more that I am taking part of fitness outside of Martial Arts, the more I'm noticing issues with technique when fellow students are taking part in fitness and warm ups at my club. I'm not sure what to do as this is quite difficult for me, knowing...
  20. T

    What style of training bag do you use?

    Do you use a freestanding or hanging heavy bag for training?
  21. T

    Blindfolded training?

    Hey guys, Have any of you done any blindfolded training? If so, how does it work, and how has that affected your martial arts skills?
  22. Steel Accord

    Toughening knuckles (Please read more than the title)

    Does punching something hard actually toughen the knuckles, assuming one is doing it right? I understand even if true this takes a long time, what in MA doesn't? I just don't want to start a training exercise that isn't going to do what I think it does in the long run.
  23. B

    If you learn a system from someone, can they keep you from teaching it to others?

    My son took lessons from a proficient martial artist for 7 years. Now, that he no longer goes, he states my son can not teach anyone what he's learned.
  24. Gerry Seymour

    Documenting forms

    Hey, I'm wondering if any of you who use long forms (more than a couple of steps) have figured out a good way to document them. What I've been doing is good for technical reference for me, but isn't really useful to someone trying to follow along. Even I am not successful at using it as a...
  25. Gerry Seymour

    Working with kata

    I just wanted to share my experience working with kata. Some styles have kata, some don't. Some that have kata only have short forms ("one-step kata", some call them). I've trained with and without kata. I don't see them as necessary (in fact, I seriously considered removing them when creating...
  26. T

    Funniest Moments and Greatest Victories

    For 2017, I thought I would post something positive and light hearted. What is one of the funniest things you run into when you are active in your martial art training and what was one of your greatest victories, either as a student, instructor, or both. Funniest thing for me: We have weapons...
  27. xubuntu

    Training & Warming up music

    hello I 've been trained to kickboxing a little bit. Had some classes of wing chan kung fun in the past which i consider much more advanced even though not so effective. Anyhow, every training program has the warming up procedure. I use this mix for training 80 minutes. If anyone has a good mix...
  28. Kenposcholar

    What inspires, motivates, and makes you passionate?

    I have been doing martial arts for approximately 14 years and have always been incredibly passionate about training and teaching. Over the past year it has been increasingly more difficult to bring the same passion to the dojo when I bow into classes. There are several factors including a busy...
  29. E

    I might visit Hombu Dojo in december, need information.

    Hello, I am currently 3rd kyu and living in S. Korea as an exchange student. In december between the 17 and 27 I might be able to travel to Japan and visit Hombu Dojo. I'd love to be able to train there once or twice, however I don't know anything about the process. Is it possible for...
  30. Ademadis

    The little advice helps!

    Just a little anecdote; Recently my university Dojo has restarted (as term has now also officially started) with a much more structured and determined training regime. So essentially all the bad habits I've picked up over summer are now coming to light. On my first session I ran through...