Donald Hamby-Hung Gar-Los Amgeles


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Oct 5, 2022
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Sifu Donald Hamby-Hung Gar-Los Angeles

Does anyone here know how to get in touch with Sifu Donald Hamby? The only website I can find for him is this:

but when I called the listed number, it said it was out of service. Messaged the email address on there with no response. Finally, I showed up at the address at the scheduled time on their schedule but the guy who ran the cultural center there said there has been no kung fu class there since he started in 2019.

If anyone could help me get in touch with Sifu Hamby it would be greatly appreciated. He is world renowned in Hung Gar and I want to continue studying that art. There was a post on here asking about Los Angeles schools and someone said he was teaching in Chinatown on Sundays but with no contact info I cant verify.

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