6 tips for becoming a better warrior


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Dec 18, 2020
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6 tips for becoming a better warrior

#1 Train Daily

Training daily will be your first step toward success and rapid growth. This will require you to develop some new habits. Even if you can only train for a small amount of time, if you make it a goal to train every day, you will greatly improve over the course of time.

You may not be able to spend a couple of hours a day training, but you can do something. 5 min a day is better than nothing. 15 minutes is better than 5, and 30 minutes is better than 15! Give it your best. If you do so, you will succeed!

How much time of your day can you set aside for training? If it seems as though you don't have time, can you make time? What can you give up? Sleeping in? Watching TV? Playing video games? Or are those things more important? These are questions you must ask yourself.

#2 One percent better everyday

This concept is really an extension of the last one. You need to set the goal of improving every day. This is made possible by being consistent and training each day. However, you must continue to push yourself to go deeper. You need to have a goal for your training!

What type of goal am I talking about?

Something small and achievable.

At the beginning of your training each day, ask yourself this question, "How can I get 1% better today?"

That is your goal.

You see, if you aim to improve by just 1% everyday, in the span of a year you will be 365% better than you are now. 1% a day is very achievable.

So, go for it!

#3 Train weak spots

What are your weak spots? Every warrior has strengths and weaknesses. A warrior may be incredible at hand-to-hand combat and using weapons but fall short in another areas like ground fighting or clinch work.

What are your weak spots?

Focus on those areas that you need to improve on the most.

#4 Do nothing that is useless

"Do nothing that is useless"

- Miyamoto Musashi

This can be taken a bit extreme, so be careful! Sometimes you need to make your training fun. As a rule, however, run the techniques that you learn through this filter. When introduced to a new technique, ask yourself, "Is this useful?" If it will not further your goals efficiently, don't waste your time. Spend that time on something that will give you the most gains.

Your time is invaluable! Spend it wisely.

#5 Take advantage of time

We have established that time is invaluable, so lets talk about maximizing your time. If you need to make more time to train, what can you do to make more time? You can take advantage of what I call task bundling.

So what is task bundling?

It is basically "killing two birds with one stone" with the time that you do have.

Are you able to practice any of your techniques while completing other tasks? You can get as creative as you want with this one!

How about practicing your stances while brushing your teeth for example? Or practicing punches while watching a movie? Maybe even practicing your kicks while your food warms up in the microwave?

I know some of these examples are a little extreme, but my point is that there are a lot of opportunities for task bundling.

Another form of task bundling is when you mix two techniques and train them at the same time. For example: you can spend 30 minutes practicing your punches and another 30 minutes on your horse stance. That would amount to an hour of training. The way we can bundle these two tasks together is to do both at the same time. You can get into your horse stance and punch from that position. Now the training time has been cut in half! You still trained both techniques for 30 minutes!

How can you practice task bundling?

#6 Shake it up!

The application of this training tip is as big as your imagination! Just shake it up!

Here are just a few thoughts from my imagination!

Practice your techniques on a balancing beam.

Practice your techniques blindfolded.

Practice just after a run/hard workout

Practice on a flight of stairs

Practice hand techniques sitting in a chair

I could go on and on!

What could you do to shake up your training and make it more challenging?

*taken from the FREE Total Combatives Warrior Week course.