What do BJJ, Judo, and Wrestling specialize in?

Discussion in 'Grappling / Brazilian Ju Jitsu / Wrestling' started by skribs, Nov 19, 2018.

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    I had a nice BJJ class last night at the new place. I have to go light because of my neck injury. Signed up for 6 months. The guy i was matched up with was older (late 50's?) and was back after 10 months due to surgery as well LOL. He was great. Was helping me a lot and there were only 5 of us so I got solid training. Even for only doing 2 months worth of BJJ I am always amazed at the control they have over you on the ground. I have zero grappling background and when facing these guys forget it. Nothing I can do. I may do a little Muay Thai in the meantime until I'm fully healed. I have to go light right now so getting choked out could be a problem if I'm not careful. All three of the grappling arts whether it be BJJ/Judo or wrestling are awesome. I wish I had started a lot younger. My gf's son is 10 and wrestling right now.

    My idols growing up were Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson and other pro boxers. Wrestling to me was WWE with Hulk Hogan. When my friends in 10th grade brought over the first few UFC fights I was shocked. That changed everything. Don't get me wrong, striking is a necessity and great too.

    The most fun so far though was Judo. Time, money and location are an issue so I put that aside for now. I wish there were more Judo/BJJ schools that did both.
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    Winning fights.
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    That's not a terribly informative reply, nor particularly pertinent to the OP.

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