Your Favourite Martial Artist

Who is your favourite Martial Artist

  • Tien Peng

  • Brandon Lee

  • Jackie Chan

  • Jet Li

  • Ray Parks

  • Dragon Lee

  • Bruce Lee

  • Jean-Claude Van Damme

  • Bolo Yeung

  • Someone Else - Please post a reply

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I realise this questions has probably been asked some time in the past, however, I would love to know peoples thoughts.

Who is your favourite martial artist, and why if you want to say?

As much as I like Bruce Lee (and at one time, I could have been called a Lee fanatic), I'm going with Donn F. Draeger. His research into the the martial arts, particularly the Asian martial arts, provided Westerners with valuable information previously unavailable to them. His 'trilogy' on the Japanese martial arts (Classical Bujutsu, Classical Budo, Modern Bujutsu and Budo) should be required reading for all interested in the Japanese martial arts.

His research was not limited to Japan, as he also did extensive research in China and Southeast Asia. I've read that shortly before his death, he was about to release a large amount of work he had done on the Filipino martial arts. It appears that work died with him.

I would have to say Chuck Norris in this case, and not simply for his martial arts ability. He's done alot for the country, such as starting programs like Kick Drugs out of America. Yes, I know he was "Walker", even though I don't like that show, I'd still say he's my favorite. It also could be because he's 8th dan in my style, I guess.
Brian -

This board is heavy on modern arnis right now, so I won't be the last to say Remy Presas! The system he developed got me started in martial arts, plus he was a great teacher and friend.

From a competitive angle, Tito Ortiz. He looks unbeatable lately.

DH31 - Ranger Walker RULES! I've got a lot of respect for Norris, for all he's done socially, too. Plus, as a retired world champion, movie/TV star, executive producer, blah, blah, blah, he started from scratch in BJJ, and pursued it all the way to a black belt. That's cool! Same thing with Inosanto, they are real life-long learners.
Inosanto and Walker both get mucho respect from me. Walker was crosstraining back before it was popular, by bringing Okinawan karateka into his schools to better the punching skills he felt Tang Soo Do lacked.

And Inosanto, well...Inosanto is Inosanto. :D

Bruce and Chuck (get me, like I was EVER on a first name basis
with these guys LOL) are definitely tops! But I'd still like to put
my vote in for Ed Parker, who shared influences with both Bruce
and Chuck. Plus, he's Senior Grand Master of they style I study.

I will add that I probably never would have known of SGM Parker
had Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris not done what they've done to
GREATLY increase awareness of martial arts in North America.
I would have to put my vote in for Ed Parker.
I find it interesting to note that most of the martial artists offered as choices are famous for film, TV, or both. The fact that so far, 6 out of the 9 votes are for 'Other', and that those others are all well respected martial artists not generally known to the layperson is significant, I think.


I'm going to cast my vote for Dan Inosanto. The man is a living encyclopedia of martial arts. Like Ctulhu said, Inosanto is Inosanto. What more is there to say, really?

As far as competitors, I'm going to go with Kazushi Sakuraba. He's really creative and just fun to watch. He may not be invincible, but you've got to respect anyone who outgrappled 4 of the Gracies.
Guro Inosanto is on another level as far as I am concerned. Unbelievable.:D
0kay, enlighten me .... who's Igor Vovchanchyn ??
I will have to go with my Sensi. Master Ray Fisher he isn't a famous martial artist or movie star. But this man has brought a new meaning to my life with his insight and honor.
The list of others is truly awesome, Norris, Inosanto, Ed Parker and so on, but I would have do as Wu Tang has done and nominate my Senseii. Master Frank Monea, cheif instructor at Kempo Australia. The only human being I have ever been in absolute and total awe of. His teachings have improved my physical abilities by leaps and bounds, but more importantly I have become a more human human being.

SGM Edmund K. Parker.

I met him 3 times prior to his passing. He really had an incredible presence and I've never seen anyone who had wrists as big as their forearms (other than Ed Parker).

Kirk -

Igor Vov. is a Russian NHB fighter. He has been very successful, and is known for the best KO power among heavyweights. He also knows enough groundfighting/submissions to survive and get back on his feet. Fun guy to watch!
Toshitsugu Takamatsu sensei, Fumio Akimoto sensei, Masaaki Hatsumi sensei.....and Sokaku Takeda sensei was pretty gr00vy too.

The four of these men bent the standars of Japanese budo, and made sure that many of the ancient traditions didn't die. Their skill and perserverence are something that makes me smile.

How did I already know three of your responses? ;)


I woud say; Deseased: O" Sensei Grandmaster Hohan Soken, Grandmaster Ed Parker, Grandmaster Bruce Lee, Grandmaster James Masayoshi Mitose; Gramdmaster Shoshin Nagamine; Grandmaster Seiki Arakaki, Grandmaster Choki Mutobu, and Grandmaster Robert Trias! Living: I would defenitely say; Master Bolo Leung; Master Steven Seagal; Master Bill Wallace; Master Yang Jwing Ming; Master Pan Qing Fu; Master William Durbin; Master Nimar Hassan; Master Bruce Junik, Master Chuck Norris; Master Peter Ralston; Master Fusei Kise; Master Ronald Lindsey; Master Patrick McCarthy; And Master Lilly Lau! Sincerely, In Humility; Chiduce!