Yellow/Orange Belt Attacks (Catalysts)


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May 12, 2002
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Hey Doc,

I think what was referred to was post 27 on the Kenpotalk thread...

Yellow/Orange Belt Attacks (Catalysts) - Page 2

Good point, but I was referring to the stripes. People much worse than he are wearing black belts. Who am I to judge, but yipes stripes. To many incompetent teachers wearing too much red. I have no problem with a guy wearing a black belt if he can take care of himself. But the truth is, a whole bunch of them shouldn't be trying to teach anything to anybody.

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Sep 3, 2009
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Knife work sounds interesting on Bob. I'll give it a try. As I will with striking. As for that water bag you spoke of - worst bag I've ever seen.

I like the Wavemaster, mostly for new students. When you hit it, it's a lot softer than BOB or a conventional bag, which makes it easier doe people who are still working on their technique to strike with power without hurting themselves.


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Jun 19, 2002
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Chris, bluntly, that comes across as a complete cop out… rather than actually counter, or even address, the critiques and criticisms, Mr Cole goes straight to "put up or shut up"? Really?

The reality is that it really doesn't matter whether these comments are made in person or online… if they're valid, they're valid. If criticism wasn't wanted, I might suggest clearing with Mr Cole before you put more of his videos or comments up… he started out looking like he doesn't understand actual violence, and now he's playing macho tough-guy… neither of which are showing him in any form of positive light.

Here's a clue for Clark Cole… just because people disagree with you (online), or have criticisms of what he's done… it doesn't make them "trolls". If that's his automatic go-to, his personal evaluation, then he genuinely does have the ego issues that are mentioned on the Kempotalk thread. The idea that the only people who could be criticising him are trolls is just sad and delusional.

Look, confidence in abilities is one thing… but to constantly hear that what you're doing is flawed, and to respond with "but I will press on. Mongo like candy" is just idiocy. Whether he realises it or not, playing (up) to an idea that he's too stupid to stop doing things badly is actually just re-enforcing that idea… someone who's genuinely confident doesn't lower themselves to such acceptance of ideas. Look to the conversations here with Al Case… he would do the same thing (disingenuously "accepting" the criticism)… and he just looked terrible doing so… as it actually is taken as an element of truth being accepted by the person being criticised. In other words, Mr Cole has just said "Yeah, I'm an idiot who doesn't know what I'm doing, but I'm too stupid and stubborn to change… ha, ha, just joking! (but not really…) Gotcha all! (I really think they're right…) See ya, wouldn't want to be ya!" That's the actual message he's sending.

If he is going to actually address the critiques, and he gives permission for his posts to be put up here (or wants to join the conversation himself, assuming he's not previously banned for something?), cool. But this is a non-answer, and an empty show of bravado, combined with very poor understanding of psychology or how to portray character.

Oh, and I'd also take out the phone number from the post, if you can (might need a mod to help, if you're past the edit window), as I'm pretty sure there's something in the TOS about that…

This link will explain many things in kenpo :wtf: