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  • Good to see you on the boards, please come back once in a while, and keep in touch. Wes (seasoned)
    You were a regular, Jacklyn, but it seem you are busy elsewhere. Hope to see you back soon.
    Thanks for the vote of confidence! My feet are getting better, I really like karate especially Kata. My big challenge other than attaining shodan status is to learn Japanese. I wish I have chosen this path soon!
    Thanks. Yep. I am going to look after the ninjutsu forums, as well as do some general mod duty.
    Good to meet u Blade96. Thanks for replying to my thread and welcoming me. Have u any suggestions for my stiff knee which requires streching every day? It just keeps stiffening up even after I limber it up.
    As a fellow Shotokan Karateka, I've sent you a friendship request. I will be pleased if you accept it
    It's British Forces sense of humour but I struggle to keep it clean for here LOL!
    Thank you for granting my request. I think we have a lot in common, I often stop and think about what you post. :high5: I look forward to getting to know you better.

    Hello Jacklyn....Thanks for the friendship. I have studied Martial Arts for about 38 yrs now...I come from a long Traditional backround in Chuan Fa....but also spent many of those yrs in other martial arts as well.
    I have a strong Love for Aikido.....but train mostly Close Quarter well as C.Q.B. and edge Weapon as this type of training helps in my Line of work.
    Thank for asking ......Peace
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