Yellow Belt Grading!

Dan Hobson

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Apr 13, 2012
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I'm so pleased! At the Ju Jitsu club that I attend, it is supposed to take 3 months of being a white belt to become a yellow belt. I have been going about 5 weeks and the next grading is in just less than 2 weeks and my sensei thinks I'll be ready to take my yellow belt grading then! I was expecting to have to wait another 3 months but, according to one of the brown belts there, I am a natural and I've got the hang of it really quickly! Do people usually pass their yellow belt grading without any problems or is it difficult/stressful? Obviously there's no guarrantees that I'll pass, but I'm so glad my sensei thinks I'll be good enough to take if after 7 weeks of training (14 lessons). I can't wait!

Dirty Dog

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Sep 3, 2009
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Pueblo West, CO
Obviously it depends on the school, but in my experience, good instructors do not set students up for failure. In our school, you're not invited to test unless you're already performing at that level.

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