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  • Happy Birthday. I hope the sun was shining on you.
    (I meant to say this earlier, but sheesh, after a day in the tree, the cat decided at 4AM to come back down and DEMAND head him, but I wanted to shove him back up that tree!) :)
    Sending my best wishes to you.
    When times a rough, there are friends thinking about you.
    Feel thought about, my friend.
    Hi Mark,

    I must issue a most heartfelt congratulations to you sir!! And you look MIGHTY fine in the formal wear, as does your partner-in-crime! Well done sir!! I do note the Midieval theme, her dress, the cake, and most importantly, the cutting of the cake! I think that would have been a fun wedding to attend. Thank you for sharing this, I did not know this was in the works. If you had brought it up in the forums, I must have missed it or been distracted... anyway, consider yourself the recipient of a hearty handshake, a brotherly hug, and a slap on the back.

    all the best to you both!
    I'm glad you've reconsiderred. You don't strike me as someone who allows others to dictate your actions. Trying as that can be sometimes. l look forward to your continued participation.
    Take a deep breath and count to ten, as many times as it takes. People of your caliber can surly rise above this worthless piece of thing.
    I shall get on with clearing down my mailbox forthwith, Jenna :D. A heartfelt "Thank you" are very often all the words that are needed to eloquently express what you feel, my friend :bows:
    your mail is full lazybones and so I need to say I do not quite have all the words to thank you how much I feel and so all I have is a simple thank you Mark x
    Thanks Sukerkin on the thanks in the library post on Martin. It was thoughtful and nice.
    Oos. Domo Arigato. I'll check out the Chinese MA Forums for health needs
    Ty for the wemcome and greeting. Hi Surekin and good to meet u. Well, my 'Tea Cup' will always be empty in here for others' wisdoms LOL. Any tips for my stiff knee? Over-extended it years ago
    The other night on the History channel we were watching Samurai. It's a retracing of Mushashi's journey through Japan to become the greatest swordsman in history--You would probably enjoy it if you ever get a chance to view it. There was a part that showed the host training as a guest at a traditional Kendo dojo; it was so beautiful, the simple elegance of the movements, that it took my breath away.

    I can see how it would be easy to fall in love with the sword arts.
    I consider myself right wing, but not in any traditional sense of the word. The traditional right wing guys I find can be scary and crazy at times. They give the rest of us a bad name. Then again Canadian politics is different from UK or US politics.

    I understand, I'm starting to get bored with some of the discussions, though there are a handful of people who are wonderful to chat with, and I'm glad I've gotten the chance to know them.

    How goes the training btw? I've been getting to practice only once a week or so. School is taking a lot out of me. Besides my next grade isn't for another 2+ years.... ;o) Seriously if you ever plan on visiting our part of the world again, come in May for our big seminar, you'd love it.

    Take care,
    Hey, welcome back! I've kept the JSA section warm for you...actually I don't think anyone has posted anything there!!
    I've felt like that from time to time. Definitely, a break is in order. We will welcome you back with glad cries when you return. Well, we will be crying, and I can assure you it will be from gladness. Truly.
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