Why the opening action??


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Oct 18, 2014
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You are saying they did not teach him TWC? Or are you saying when he fights he only used BJJ and did nothing but BJJ?

Noone wins a fight without being what they are, and what they are is usually a combination of all their training. They are fighters. Not TWC or BJJ fighters but simply fighters.

If you've learned more than one striking method, you can of course choose to use only one or the other.

It was said he trained kickboxing for competition. Based on the information given and what has been shown, the striking method used was non-TWC. So, it appears he used a combination of kickboxing and BJJ, unless something more can be shown.

So, all I'm saying is the credit for which style was used to win the fight should go mostly to BJJ, for the takedown, groundwork, and RNC that finished it.


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Mar 20, 2015
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The action is not an application of any sort; neither a freeing hand nor collar choke. (Are you choking children or little people?)

It imparts strategic information regarding attack lines and spatial control through striking.

It's directly related to the last three actions, but not as freeing hands, which is also directly related to the action that ends almost every section of CK, which is also directly related to the BJ action that goes underneath, which is all related to daan-chi-sau, pun-sau, and laap-sau.

In fact, it's a main conceptual thread that runs through the entire system.

Now, why would a wrist-grab escape be that important?? It's not! No one has ever grabbed my wrist while I was taking a leak.

That is skin and hair people came up with looking at the shapes while having no information!

It's not a nifty self-defense technique. It's imparting strategic information on a way of free fighting.

Might it also have something to do with the 135 degree bend in the arms(?)...with regard to striking, etc?
***for context, I was recently reading an article where the author was interviewing Wan Kam Leung and he says in the article that 135 deg is very important...