White collar boxing documentary


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Aug 26, 2016
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so in theUK there was just a documentary on tv about white collar boxing and talking about one organisation Utra white collar boxing (UWCB) and they had 2 men go undercover.

One was a middle aged overweight asthmatic who told everyone and signed a form saying he was asthmatic and they let him fight with no problem and let him spar and he himself pulled himself out otherwise they'd have let him fight.

The other was a young guy who'd sparred with pro boxers and a amateur Mma fighter. They didn't check the guys experience and never asked him and for matchmaking the fighters picked their own fights.

They showed some clips where one guy in the ring was throwing spinning backfists and superman punches showing he'd trained something else previously and was fighting a novice,

They asks interviewed a guy who'd fought at an event and suffered a brain injury and after the fight complained of a headache but was simoly given a parcetamal and sent home by the paramedic (no doctor at the event)

Now I have some experience with UWCB and what I saw did not surprise me and it's sickening how this stuff can still be allowed