Where did the Kanzen Kenpo thread go?

this is for the record ,i was so pissed about the avengers post that i called foster at his mom's house and talked to him about some issues.let's get one thing straight doug nor myself were bullied into anything,i have no secrets but i do have money for counter suits that can tie things up quite well as i informed joe,and doug has acess to the same . we the instructors at forest city martial arts(the name we decided on) ie dave,adam and me to ask mt and bob to lock the thread. i told joe that the comments about him personally will be stopped however i did not say that i won't continue posting about kanzen.i will let the wheels of justice take it's course and see what happens,hopefully the court of appeals don't change the decision. the only deal i made with joe was you don't bother me and i won't bother you for now.should any kanzen person wish to start again then all deals are off and i will come out with both barrells for a very long time so take that as you like. i would just like to concentrate on the school my knives and my own training and work on providing our area with the best martial arts instruction that we can possibly provide and of course we will do just that. good luck to all you kanzen people out there you are going to need it and yes there is a group of new/old sherrifs in town so your welcome to come and train with us and see for yourselves.
jay :asian:

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