What do you wear to train?

What do you wear to train in?

  • Japanese Style gi (wrap around style)

    Votes: 117 61.3%
  • Traditional Chinese uniform (frog style buttons)

    Votes: 10 5.2%
  • Traditional Vneck Korean uniform (TKD)

    Votes: 26 13.6%
  • Hakama

    Votes: 12 6.3%
  • Aerobics/workout clothes

    Votes: 45 23.6%
  • Street Clothes (jeans and stuff)

    Votes: 27 14.1%
  • Other Traditional Clothing

    Votes: 9 4.7%
  • Other non-traditional clothing

    Votes: 26 13.6%
  • Shoes

    Votes: 61 31.9%
  • No shoes

    Votes: 77 40.3%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
Usually a good ol' Korean V-neck dobok (which my new red belt is busy dying pink...:() but we don't always have to wear dobok in my club in which case I wear the club t-shirt with a pair of black kickboxing-style trousers. Never shoes, I hate training with shoes on.
We wear traditional chinese uniforms with frog style buttons. Shoes are optional. Personally I prefer barefoot.
Heavy weight gi usally unless it's hot, then wear t shirt or tank top instead of gi jacket.
for taekwondo i wear the full white V-neck...no other variations...in summer we are allowed to wear a taekwondo related t-shirt, but i choose not to...you can wear taekwondo shoes if you have them...

in judo it's the heavy gi

in jujutsu it's usually the heavy gi...but sometimes we'll go without the top to work on stuff without the aid of the gi..
Train like you fight and you will fight like you trained.

We wear sneakers, socks at times.... but generally we train in clothing and footwear that is middle of the road that you would wear in an everyday circumstance. I have a pair of black "business casual" slacks that I teach in and a t-shirt. I wear a black leather belt sometimes because, well it just feels right for that day.
When doing Judo, the white judogi.

When working out in the gym, basically anything: sneakers, socks, sweatpants, sweat shirt, fleeced-lined nylon jacket and wool hat in the winter - t-shirt, shorts and sneaks in the summer.
I personally wear gi pants, a CUP and a t-shirt.

No one even wears belts.

The only time I wear a belt is when I visit a school or go to a seminar.


Rick English
Gi pants (Some wear shorts, but I like the skin on my knees)
Cup (very important)
Wrestling shoes (Yes, I like my feet too)

In the Kids class I wear a Gi jacket and belt as well, then promptly lose it for the adult class :D
I wear V jacket
with black pants
no shoes

oh and a really good sports bra!!
Shoes, Japanese Gi, Dojo's official T-shirt allowed as well.
tonight in jujutsu we worked out in a classroom on campus...

we usually train after my instructor teaches the personal defense class and we were in classroom watching a video of kyuzo mifune and talked about some striking...

so afterward we just decided to say in street clothes and do some enviroment training...great stuff...
I wear a black gi with no shoes or socks most of the time...now when my sensei and I are just talking at a function or where all just messing around at a party or something we will just mess around in our street colthes...but when we are having class or where at tournaments or visiting other schools we dress traditionally......usually...unless something is broken (I.E. the tie around part on my gi top came off when i got kicked by a TKD guy at a tournament so i haven't been wearing it. but when its fixed it will be on like normal.)
I just ordered a black collared Best - Sang Moo Sa uniform, I'll be wearning that from now on for training. I might take an Adidas uniform into consideration.
I wear a traditional white japanese 3/4 length gi with a dojo t-shirt underneath. Once the dan ranks are reached we have the option to wear a combination of black and white. Above san dan if you are the highest rank in the room you have the option to wear all black. But when you think about it who cares right!!!
When I taught in a formal school (TKD) I wore a heavy weight (15oz) black REI gi. I went through some sado mashocist period or something because that was a real rough feeling gi. I finally wised up and after several years stepped down to the 12oz cotton black heavy weight REI gi. For testing I wore a white gi.

For years back in the 80s and early 90s I favored the KI heavy weight gi, that is until they went way out of my price range. Which is when I found the REI gi. Up until a couple of years ago this was still one of the best priced gi that I could find, with good quality as well.

Now when I teach Arnis I just wear generally black or blue BDU style shorts or long pants and whatever T shirt is available. The only problem with the BDU style pants that I have found is that I have ripped the inside of the pant leg a time or two teaching ground work techniques (thank goodness my students were male, otherwise it could have been embarassing :) ). Buit I never ran into that problem with the gi bottoms.

i all really depends on who is at the class, and what we are doing. if its a test day we are reallt tradional. if where just playing with combos, we'll just wear our pants and whatever shirt/(for guys no shirt) we want.

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