What do you wear to train?

What do you wear to train in?

  • Japanese Style gi (wrap around style)

    Votes: 117 61.3%
  • Traditional Chinese uniform (frog style buttons)

    Votes: 10 5.2%
  • Traditional Vneck Korean uniform (TKD)

    Votes: 26 13.6%
  • Hakama

    Votes: 12 6.3%
  • Aerobics/workout clothes

    Votes: 45 23.6%
  • Street Clothes (jeans and stuff)

    Votes: 27 14.1%
  • Other Traditional Clothing

    Votes: 9 4.7%
  • Other non-traditional clothing

    Votes: 26 13.6%
  • Shoes

    Votes: 61 31.9%
  • No shoes

    Votes: 77 40.3%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
Traditional gi in the dojang, as usual.

And street clothes and shoes if I'm outside it (for realism).

I think there's already been a thread on this subject way back when, but that's okay, it's still a good topic.
at our school we were traditional gi's, because I teach most of the time I wear heavy weight pants and bring a few t-shirts to change into when I get over worked and the body temp starts to rise

Just like DAC, Gi pants and the class t-shirt for informal and a full gi for formal. Most of the time when we are informal I don't worry about a belt or direct my students to wear them.

Kempojujutsu- class Heavy weight jujutsu gi w/ t-shirt underneathe
Aikijujutsu Heavy weight jujutsu top and Hakama
Grappling fighters shorts and t-shirt or tank top
Shoes a must in all of the classes
Bob :asian:
Black or White Gi. Usually some mix.

I tend to wear shoes but it's 50/50 for the rest of the students.

In Summertime and warm weather, we are permitted to wear Gi pants and a school t-shirt rather than the Gi top.
Probably too much information but... I wear two white/black collar V-neck doboks that have been ruined by bleach arrgh but I still use to sweat in. I have one good V-neck embroidered on the back with the school logo and that is strictly for tournaments. I also have a red, and two black doboks.
So that pretty much covers me for the week.

I used to like to wear a t-shirt and dobok pants when I went in to the dojang alone to practice but I like to practice with sleeves now to hear the snap when blocks and strikes are done correctly and with more power. TW
a lot of us at the school have become very keen on Under Armour, and most will wear an Under Armour tshirt with gi pants, some with mat shoes, some without. more often than not, since we've been outside quite a bit for the past few months, I've been wearing my shirt with a pair of black jeans and my mat shoes. most of us have red/black gi tops with all the required patches that we wear when needed.
I have several heavyweight gis that are in use right now.......black, white or I mix and match- no shoes. At home, I just wear sweats or shorts and a t-shirt when I am practicing katas or what-not in the air.
I have three WTF black V-necks I use. Two with patches, one without. At home I just practice in whatever I'm wearing at the time. At the YMCA, I practice in my shorts and t-shirt. Really should get some new uniforms though. My current ones are getting a bit worn and discolored from use. Would be nice to have some brand new white V-necks to practice in:)
Exercise clothes. Occasionally street clothes. No uniforms for me right now.
For class it is always a traditional DoBok, when I am at home I am usually doing weight training at the same time so it is sweats and tank-top, both places - no shoes
Black gi, no shoes when inside.

Standard black century uniform (hate it)
I hate the pants. I think they've changed brands in the last year. They are baggier! I feel like I'm climbing into a frelling tent.
I have 4 different heavy weight gi's that I use. I used to wear shoes but we installed some of those new puzzle sqaure type mats in the dojo and I was getting to much grip while using the shoes and ended up with sore knees. I now go barefoot.
a Pink wrestling singlet!

Just kidding.
Heavy-weight Black Gi.
OH YEAH....plus a belt.
I often wear shoes as well.

Your Brother
We wear plain white heavy weight GI's with no patches or motifs
Females must wear a plain white t-shirt underneath

In very hot summer months (not often in the UK!) after bowing in we can change to a plain white t-shirt but must replace the Gi top when bowing out.
No belt can be worn when only wearing a t-shirt.

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