What do you want out of a seminar/camp?



We all know the drill. So-and-so e-mails us to tell us there is a great seminar or camp to go to.

When you go a seminar or camp what is it you want to get out of it? What are the things you want see at a seminar or camp and what are the things you don't want to see?
What to see?

Hmm.... Quality instructors who a-have a passioon for the art they are teaching and b- can in fact teach it.

Something to break up the pace a bit, to let the information soak in.

Beyond that, I'm running blank...probably as I have'nt been to one yet. :)

I think that a camp should be a place to gather with people of a like martial art to experience a test of will. I believe the Japanese call it Shugyo training. Its a very rigorous and disciplined training where you go to push yourself to your limit and beyond, realizing that the limits you place on yourself are mostly in your mind. I know a lot of classes push a person hard, but this should be something that is so taxing that it shouldn't be done more'n twice a year.

A seminar is a place where you go to get introduced to new ideas. If you are in a traditional school where the curriculum is set in all the branches a seminar is a great way for the leadership to introduce new techniques to the curriculum. Its also good for student to be taught something by a different instructor because often times one person can say something a million times and the point not be driven home, but a new person can say it a different way and the concept be instantly grasped.
I like the idea of having the option to attend the classes I want at camp, something for the novice, intermediate and advanced going on at the same time. I also like the idea of the same instructor working with a group twice during a camp, that way they can touch on the material a second time after that first class and expand on it the next class.

Camps should have some stuff that is not normally done in the school. Many of us work hard and save our money to attend these events and travel great distances to attend. We want something that is not normally done in our regular classes.

As for going to an event to push my self beyond my normal limits, I don't think so. If I travel 10 hours to go tot an event, I want a relaxed atmosphere with good training. If I want someone to push me on my warm ups, and basics for a couple days I'll stay home and work harder myself.

I have no problems paying for quality instruction, but i don't want to see someone screaming at a student to work harder after I have paid a lot of money and traveled for a day to get there. If a person wants that type of work out join the army they will pay you to accept it. Like many other people I view my time as valuable so I would rather spend it on a positive experience where I am learning all weekend in a relaxed atmosphere than push myself to exhaustion on my little bit of time off.

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