How about a page for Seminars, Camps,and Tournaments


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Mar 24, 2002
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Effingham, Illinois
I am New too this site, and maybe it has been brought up. But with so many styles you would have thought some had all ready mention this? What a way to promote a seminar, camp, or tournament. You have to break it down to different states/ countries. Stand up or grappling etc. I would love to go to some seminars if they were close by. Let's here from some of you out there.

Bob Thomas
Under the Advertizing section, we have an area to post general or multi-art seminars, etc. Most of the time, folks post in the areas that their event concerns (kenpo camps in kenpo area for example) with some cross polination if the instructors are from a different art (Tim Hartman has been an instructor at several Kenpo camps, so those seminars are often posten in the Modern Arnis area as well).

We don't have a system to break it down by regions, unless our members post it as such "Widgit camp, July 1-3, NY, NY" for example.

We do allow limited cross promotion of seminars, or you can post it in the General forum.