ways criminal assault their victims

Kung Fu Wang

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Sep 26, 2012
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I was wondering if any one has ever done an in depth study as to how various types of criminal assault / attack their victims?
Every time I saw those moves such as Wrong Turn, or Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I always thought if anyone in that movie could just carry a handgun, none of those would ever happen.

IMO, it's not a good idea to assume that you are the good guy, everybody on earth are all bad guys and try to get you.

Monkey Turned Wolf

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Jan 4, 2012
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I can tell you how I used to fight people. I wasn't a criminal but I was a bouncer.

Now bear with me here. A lot of the tactics we used are the same sort of ambush tactics criminals use. Because it is the safest way to win fights.

We spot potential trouble. Get enough guys to handle that person. Then separate him from his friends, weapons and possible innocent bystanders. Then we interview the guy. And if we don't get the desired result we basically ambush him with superior numbers.
Same with the ER/psych ward. When we'd notice a potential code, one person would alert the rest of us, while they tried to de-escalate. But in the meantime the rest of us would slowly build around the guy, giving space so he didn't feel trapped and lash out, but still close enough to rush in if needed, move the other patients away (both for their safety, and to eliminate other variables). Then we'd wait for the point person to finish trying to de-escalate; if it worked we'd go back to our business (with a few extra people around, unless we medicated the patient), and if it didn't..strength in numbers.

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Mar 23, 2006
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Also your body position before a surprised attack is very important. I always keep one hand at my stomach level and another hand close to my cheek like I think about something. But factually, I am in the perfect defensive position to block kicks to the groin and strikes to the head. Something like bellow :). Frequently, confrontations occur in small/narrow spaces, including prison chambers, so compact styles with dirty techniques could be more effective in these situations.
The Jack Benny stance. First time I've seen Shrek used as an example. May have to update the reference for the younger generations.


Nov 7, 2017
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I was wondering if any one has ever done an in depth study as to how various types of criminal assault / attack their victims?
I think such a study would be really useful as well as enlightening and may be useful for expert martial artists to develop strategies and
programs that various types of people / groups could use to prevent and defend against such attacks.

One type of criminal I was thinking of would be those who are incarcerated in prison.
I have never been to prison (well at least not as an inmate), but know a number of people who have been and they have told me of
their experiences while in prison.

I think "surprise" attacks are often used in prison, as well as groups victimising particular individuals and the incidents can potentially
result in death.

I think that people who have spent some time in prison learn from their experience and some of the most dangerous violent criminals
on the streets are people who spent time in prison but are later released back into normal society.

I think that a study of prison fighting methods, along with other types of set ups and scams, would be really useful for us naive
normal folk who may not understand how underhanded some people can be.

Think such a knowledge base would also be useful for self defence experts, as this understanding is missing in even some of the most
sophisticated, and effective self defence systems which are taught by some of the most technically able people on the planet.

One example of this which i remember is one of the video's that Rener and Ryron Gracie did on strategies for self defence when facing multiple

Their suggestion was for the defender to ask the group if they could fight each member of the group on a one on one.
In an orderly civilised fashion.

I found that quiet funny, knowing what violent criminals who hang out in gangs are usually like. As from what I understand,
the reason why some of these people attack people is because they have the gang to back them up, strength in numbers so to speak.
Most crims in my experience do not have such a high honour code, they are not samurai but criminals and will take advantage of any
advantage they have at their disposal.

So, that is one thing that the Gracies mentioned, got wrong. At least at the time I viewed the video, which was a long time ago.
They likely have updated their videos now, as i did send feedback after seeing the video that explained the above.

Anyway anyone know of any books / videos that give an insight into criminal methodology behind their violent crimes.
I would imagine researching studies about prison attacks would be informative to you query.

One of the larger principals in most martial arts is to prepare for any type of attack. One of the reasons time in training is a bigger factor. Learning SA here is a major point.

Sport and competition trains more for specific strikes since they are rules bound. It sounds like this is more what you are looking for?

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