Violent Pacifism

The US operates on the basis of its military preparation. The so-called "rush" is nothing but some BS that career politicians mouth about. The US was going to attack when it has the military preparation in place, with or without the UN approval. This was stated so, way in the begining when Bush said we would disarm him if the UN wouldn't do so. We were preparing for war on day 1.
It never stops surprising me how no one on the right fails to admit that our financial woes are due to an illegal war that killed its estimated a million Iraqi's and we would never have gone in if not for oil claiming our costs would be repaid by oil and all the corporations that polititions got paid from to supply the war effort if not bad enough bilked the US taxpayers out billions in fraud all the while playing on good honest young people and families for thier patriotism and also the lower income who the only way to get an education or a job is to risk thier lives in the military.

Its all about the haves and have nots and corporations profiting from the missery of the less enfranchised its been that way since time began people have died to beat that back and it makes me sick that right wing media outlets only want to paint all the OWS as loosers and felons when everday people are just getting together to express enough is enough some very intellengent and good family people are risking thier safety by being exposed to some jerks and while I support the lawforcement to be able to do their job they have some bad apples to that want to have the chance to exert force on defenseless people
I suppose this thread is a time capsule?


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